Definition Of Group Work Reflection

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To date I have completed three classes and one group facilitation exam for this semester. The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate my personal and professional learning for the duration of the module. It will discuss the definition of group work; how I planned for my group exercise; it will outline my learning as a facilitator and observer for a thirty minute exercise. I will use Bruce Tuckman 's five stage group development model to outline the stages of the group process. It will briefly discuss the feedback from my tutor and the group members. And finally the conclusion.

Definition of group
According to Berg, Fall, & Landre (2013, p 195) "Group work is a broad professional practice involving the application of knowledge and skill in group facilitation to assist an interdependent collection of people to reach their mutual goals which may be intra-personal, interpersonal, or work related"
In order to prepare for our group facilitation exercise, my colleague and I sat together for the first time in class to plan and discussed our understanding of what we thought was expected of us. According to (Corey, Corey & Corey, 2010) if group facilitators are prepared, they are more likely to be able to effectively open up members for a meaningful group experience. We agreed that I would open the group and my colleague would close the group. In addition, we would share and support each other for the time in between. Our aim was to have equal

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