Math 125 Week 2 Written Assignment

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1. Meet with a Professor
I met with my HONORS 394B Professor, Eirik Johnson for this assignment. I wanted to meet with him to discuss the quarter-long creative project. The assignment is to create something that engages with some form of an archive. The title of the class is Raid the Archives—Understanding Visual Literacy, so we focus on the idea of the archive and how it impacts us. The learning outcome for the project includes a newfound understanding of visual literacy and the connections between creativity and investigative research. My project proposal is to create an archive of movement. I am a ballet dancer and I wanted to be able to document my art form in a different medium. I hope to lay paper down and dip my feet in paint then dance to create a calligraphy-like piece of art. Mr. Johnson and I talked about the connection of ‘dance calligraphy’ to my Japanese heritage. I was quite fearful about meeting with him, to be honest. I had no idea what to expect. From our classes, I …show more content…

In my study group are my two friends, Porter and Alyssa. I know Porter from high school and I know Alyssa from ballet, so both member of my study group are former friends. We meet on Thursday nights after dinner. We started this study group about a month ago, so we’ve met four times so far. I formed this group because Alyssa and I were both struggling and I know Porter is great at math so I reached out to him to help us and study together. The group has been helpful because a lot of my questions can be answered by my friends. The dynamic is great because none of us are afraid to sound dumb with questions, so we are all very open and open to helping. We haven’t strictly followed the guidelines in the hand out being that we feel that the way the study group naturally works is great for us and our own learning styles. Overall, I’m happy to have my study group to help me with a class that is harder than any class I have ever

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