Reflection On Project Management

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Reflective Journal Student Name: Talita Silva Lima Programme: Higher Diploma in Science – Cloud Computing Month: July 1. Project Management In this section I will explain in detail my project management through a Gantt Chart and what I have done since my last journal until now, how my time management is going in order to delivery this project before the deadline and some of my achievements. Before writing about this project in specific, I would like to highlight my project management according to all the projects that I have got for this semester. Figure 1: First page of the Gantt Chart of all my projects and its tasks. Figure 2: Second page of the Gantt Chart of all my projects and its milestones and deadlines. Projects and its tasks were organized by deadline date, from the shortest deadline to the longest deadline. All projects have equal priority once all of them worth a big part of my grades. As shown in the Figure 1, there is a lack of dates from 20th July to 29th July. The reason for this is the need and focus on learning the language which will be used in almost all projects: Ruby on Rails. The general project management is very clear in its schedules, tasks and milestones as seen in the figures above. 1.1. Up to date: Project Plan Specifically for the Health All in One project I had to modify some dates and to better understand the changes in my project, there is the previous Gantt Chart below. Figure 3: Previous Gantt Chart: milestones were represented by
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