Chinese Invention Of Gun Powder During The Nineteenth Century

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As the world evolved many inventions were invented by one country and another country took its advantage and made something better. This paper talks about Gun powder history which dates back to 850 AD, during the Tang Dynasty (9th century). Chinese were known for inventing mechanical clock, gunpowder, printing, or the compass. they invented thousands of years ago and some of their inventions were evolved by other middle eastern and European countries. Also their invention led to much other invention such as gunpowder lead to building of cannons to handheld guns. This paper talks about Chinese invention of Gun powder during the 9th century and how it evolved to other countries and leads to further inventions.
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According to “Princeton University, details surrounding the invention of the first cannon have been lost to time, and their development cannot be traced to a single specific act. Some say that Chinese were the first invented Cannons in late 13th century. Primarily Bamboo sticks several feet long were first used to propel gunpowder to crack loudly when thrown into a fire, and thereby scare away evil spirits. I believe that the use of bamboo to propel gunpowder fire weapon was the predecessor of cannons. The first official cannon were made in the late 13th century. Chinese army used bamboo lead to severe burn due to sparks when they ignite gunpowder so the evolution on cannons was much needed and to the people who were operating the but after realizing that sparks realizing the powder of gunpowder Chinese first invented Cannons. Many cultures contributed to the evolution of the gunpowder and its use in cannons after the advent of gunpowder made the creation of the first rudimentary firearms possible. The earliest known Chinese cannons were cast in bronze and were only about 14 inches in …show more content…

Although gunpowder was not introduced until the Mongols got their hand first. Mongols were working closely with Chinese to fight against the Europeans. As soon as the Europeans come to know about gunpowder they started making weapons to expand their trade networks and empires. Now that cannons were the weapon to have in medieval era. Now that cannons were common Chinese stepped up their use of gunpowder to hand help weapon known as guns. Europeans were also inventing new technology that uses gunpowder as primary source of ingredient.
Especially gunpowder technology in Europe had a great impact in the Middle Ages. Gunpowder in cannons was first used during the Christian war against Muslims in the 13th century. English and French both used gunpowder technologies against each other in the Hundred Year’s War. Even famous Portuguese explorer used gunpowder to advance and capture several sea ports in on his voyage to India. So the invention of gunpowder had a significant impact on development of

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