Inventions During The Gilded Age

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There were many inventions, or new creations that were made throughout our history. These inventions greatly impacted and expanded towards America. Many inventors like Andrew Carnegie or Thomas Edison created new items that helped America expand on technology, traveling, businesses, better jobs, new opportunities, and many more. Some inventions like the creation of telephones, steel, oil, electricity, brakes, and other inventions help create how America is today. Throughout history America has had its ups and downs. Daniel Burnham wanted to create something big, something no other person had thought of before. The struggles represented the Gilded Age, Chicago’s placement and how America changed. Daniel Burnham was a very hard working, determined …show more content…

The growth took place mainly in the North and the West of the country. “ This was a period of mass production, mass consumption, mass marketing and mass distribution of goods,” (Victoria Stewart, October 28, 2015). In other words, new jobs, new opportunities for workers, and more money making for people. Some examples are the wages for workers increased 60 percent, there were labor unions in industrial urban regions, a higher rate rate of immigration, and new buildings were built. Some of the new buildings were new hospitals and schools. Also, there was an increase in factories, railroads, steel production and coal mining industries, (Victoria, October 28, 2015). There was a little improvement with the new city, but Burnham still had little struggles. The city still was not in too great condition, people were still unemployed, depletion of jobs, there were strikes. However, workers tried compromising to get better wages, there were better working conditions, better job hours, and new attractions were built. Some of these attractions were the Ferris Wheel and museums. People had electricity, which was a great impact for people. Small items were invented like zippers and Juicy Fruit gum. Burnham creating the fair, made the city become a better healthier

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