Invention Essays

  • Invention Of Telephone

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    You can know because the telephones were what encouraged the people like Steve Jobs and many other inventors to make the invention of the telephone better. The telephones affected us then and now. If we were alone and all your friends or relatives were far away you could call them with the telephone. This lets people connect and really listen to people they thought they could

  • The Invention Of Gunpowder

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    evolved many inventions were invented by one country and another country took its advantage and made something better. This paper talks about Gun powder history which dates back to 850 AD, during the Tang Dynasty (9th century). Chinese were known for inventing mechanical clock, gunpowder, printing, or the compass. they invented thousands of years ago and some of their inventions were evolved by other middle eastern and European countries. Also their invention led to much other invention such as gunpowder

  • Thomas Edison's Inventions

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    Thomas Alva Edison is one of America’s greatest inventors. He wrote books, was credited for a multitude of inventions, and held patents on them in multiple countries. With very little formal education, leaving school at age 12, he went on to become an elite mind. Though nearly deaf, he considered it an asset because it allowed him to concentrate on his experiments and work. He earned awards such as The Gold Medal for making so many machines that modernized the world. Most people know him as the man

  • The Importance Of Inventions In Frankenstein

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    Humans strive for innovation and for improvements in humanity. Throughout each generation there are inventions created to improve productivity or improve humanity. Inventions have made the world, both better off and worst off. Some inventions are made to benefit the productivity or the health of others while some inventions accidentally harm people. The goal of the invention is to create good for the people and not to create harm. Inventors have the ability to make a creation that can lead to

  • Samuel Morse: The Invention Of The Telegraph

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    Samuel Morse’s passion for electricity was sparked during his college years at Yale. On a ship returning from Europe, he discussed the recent invention of electromagnets with fellow passengers. It was then the he speculated that with the use of these electromagnets, communication over a long distance may be possible. He began to work on creating an electric telegraph, but his experiments with wires and magnets did not go far due to his elementary knowledge of electricity. In desperation, he turned

  • Essay On Thomas Edison's Inventions

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    Thomas Edison’s Inventions An inventor is someone that makes or creates improved inventions in the past or creates something entirely new. An inventor is someone who wants to the world a better and easier place by making new creations to make life easier for humans. That is what Thomas Edison wanted to do. Thomas Edison made so many crucial inventions in history that made mankind take many leaps forward. He made life for people in America easier. Thomas Edison made this country prosper because of

  • Speech On African American Inventions

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    world go round? Have you every wondered how black people contributed to many things in our world post their vast contributions during the colonial period? Being a person of African descent, I know I have. There are a number of inventions and advancements on inventions for which black people are responsible. Pretty cool stuff. Allow me to fill you in on some! First, before you do anything, look down at your feet. We are all wearing shoes, and this concept reaches as far back as 3500 BC! For

  • Benjamin Franklin's Greatest Inventions

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    importance. He did many useful things in his lifetime. Some of his greatest contributions are his many inventions. They helped countless people in his time and his inventions have helped many people since. Therefore, the best inventor in the 1700’s was Benjamin Franklin because he invented many useful items such as the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove, which led to the inventions of many more improved versions of

  • Thomas Edison's Inventions In History

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    Thomas Edison’s Inventions An inventor is someone that makes or creates improved inventions in the past or creates something entirely new. An inventor is someone who wants to the world a better and easier place by making new creations to make life easier for humans. That is what Thomas Edison wanted to do. Thomas Edison made so many crucial inventions in history that made mankind take many leaps forward. He made life for people in America easier. Thomas Edison made this country prosper because of

  • Eli Whitney Inventions Of The Industrial Revolution

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    Eli Whitney was an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. This was one of the key inventions of the Industrial Revolution and shaped the economy of the Antebellum South. At age 14 he operated a profitable nail manufacturing operation in his father 's workshop during the Revolutionary War. Because his stepmother opposed his wish to attend college, Whitney worked as a farm laborer and school teacher to save money. He prepared for Yale at Leicester Academy and under the tutelage

  • Thomas Jefferson's Inventions In The Declaration Of Independence

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    we have today. Many of Jefferson’s inventions are hard to determine whether he was the first one to invent it or not because he never patented his work. One of his inventions is a mechanical pedometer. A pedometer is a tracker used to count your steps in order to promote and motivate you to exercise more. Some people refer to them as “Tomish Meters.” Today, pedometers are not used often, but will most likely become more popular in the future. Another invention by Thomas Jefferson is the macaroni

  • The Inventions Of Thomas Edison: Thomas Alva Edison

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    You only have to look around you to see things thatThomas Alva Edison invented or made better. The prolific inventor (in his 84 years, Edison had 1,093 patents to his name) contributed to the incandescent light bulb, phonograph, electrical systems, motion picture camera, telegraph, telephone, X-ray and so on. Most people think of the light bulb when they think of Edison but did you know that the Wizard of Menlo Park actually didnt invent the thing?Did you know about his idea of using cement to build

  • The Invention Of Hugo Cabret Character Analysis

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    In the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret written by Brian Selznick the machine known as the automaton is an important symbol in the story for both Hugo and the old man. The automaton fills in missing, broken pieces of both of these characters lives by allowing them to connect to joys in their past. The mechanical man is all that he has left in life. As he is going through the process of fixing and replacing the automaton, he is also through a very touchy and emotional development of his own and

  • Patent Law In China

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    given by a sovereign state to the owner of an invention that prevents others from using the invention without the inventor permission. A patentable invention can be a solution to a specific technological problem. It can also be a product or process that provides a new approach of doing something or a technical improvement on how certain objects operate. Patents are a form of intellectual property. The procedures for apply patent, requirements for the invention to be able to apply patent, and extend of

  • How Thomas Edison Changed America

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    the first light bulb. Edison was born into a place and time where there was not much technological advancements. His inventions helped many things change in the world. During his life he made 1,093 inventions. Most of these inventions are still active today and changed the world forever. Thomas Edison was a man who had an impact on America more than anyone else. Some of his inventions are still used to this day. Thomas Edison was highly intelligent despite having only three months of formal education

  • Thomas Edison Biography Essay

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    The Wizard of Menlo Park is also know as Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, phonograph and many others. Thomas Edison is one of the most famous inventors to this day. We still use some of his inventions, but we took his inventions and advanced it. Thomas Edison was born February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. His first laboratory was in his cellar, where he spent most of his time. Thomas went to school around 1855 for a short time, and his teachers thought he wasn’t very bright. He stopped

  • Thomas Edison Biography

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    it was one of Western Union's rivals. In one such instance, Edison devised for Western Union the quadruplex telegraph, capable of transmitting two signals in two different directions on the same wire, but railroad tycoon Jay Gould snatched the invention from Western Union, paying Edison more than $100,000 in cash, bonds and stock, and generating years of litigation.At around the age of 12, Edison started to lose his

  • Alexander Graham Bell: The Inventor Of The Telephone

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    after his invention. He left a legacy as the first person to make a device that could talk to you through a wire. Early on Bell was an intelligent person with a curiosity for sounds and inventing. Bell was born on March 3, 1847 and he was raised in a family of intelligent scientists and teachers. Even though Bell was smart in every subject his curiosity got the better of him, which made him a horrible student. Since Bell had a curiosity of sounds and vibrations he made numerous inventions like the

  • Philo T Farnsworth Biography

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    Farnsworth, inventor of the Television. Philo is a great role model for anyone who wants to succeed in life. He was able to overcome hardships at a young age and invent many of the things we take for granted today. At a young age Philo was creating new inventions to better the world. Philo Tanner Farnsworth was born August, 19th 1906 in a log cabin outside the town of Indian Springs, Utah to his father Lewis Edwin and mother Serena Bastian. When Philo was a child he never showed the stereotypical signs of

  • Sewing Machine Dbq

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    one man called William Thomas who bought the rights to the invention and arranged Howe to go to England to further improve the machine. However, they did not get along and Howe returned to America with little money and found that while he was gone lots of other companies were bust manufacturing machines. After a few lawsuits later, the argument ended when major companies joined together and pooled their patents and protected their inventions together.