What Are The Pros And Cons Of School Shootings

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In the past and present, school safety is one of the number one priorities of any school district. Having a safe and secure learning environment is crucial in getting children of any age the education that they need and deserve. When this security is threatened it can be either directly, for the victims of school shootings, or indirectly, for the students that hear about these incidents and no longer feel as safe when they are in their school. When a tragic event happens like what recently happened in Florida, there will be an argument and as with any argument, there will be many sides. Some ideas for school safety that have come out of this incident include, gun control laws, mental health screenings, and things that can be done in schools to control the situation of having an active shooter. One method of deterring an active shooter was stated as arming select teachers within schools in order to effectively end the situation and protect the students. …show more content…

This idea, while having some kinks to work out has good intentions and would save numerous young livers in this kind of situation. The teachers carrying firearms would be trained and they would need to receive training often to keep their gun. They would also have their firearm locked somewhere in the classroom, the guns would remain locked up until a situation arose that made it necessary. With these features, this idea would be a way to dissolve a situation quickly and save the lives of the children in a school. Hunter Pollack, a brother of one of the Florida victims stated that if there had been “’a teacher who could go through discreet training to carry a firearm around his waist, it could’ve been a very different situation”(CNN

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