High Capacity Magazines Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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The most effective way to keep students safe at school, would be to ban high capacity magazines. According to CNN’s Saeed Ahmed and Christina Walker, there were seventeen school shootings from January 1st to March 24th this year. On average, that’s 1.4 school shootings each week. Imagine being a student and being scared for your life as you walk into the school building, wondering if someone would bring a gun to their school. Now imagine feeling secure and safe at school. A federal ban on high capacity magazines would help innocent students be protected and safe. First of all, a ban on high capacity magazines would help keep students safer at schools by lowering the amount of bullets a gun can fire. High capacity magazines, according to the Huffington Post, are, “...devices that dramatically boost a weapon’s …show more content…

According to a CNN article, “An analysis performed by CNN found that states that have enacted magazine restrictions are associated with fewer mass shooting events.” Another research study done by Louis Klaverous, at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and author of “Rampage Nation,” showed similar results. Klaverous said, “We have found that when large capacity mags are regulated, you get drastic drops in both the incidence of gun massacres and the fatality rate of gun massacres.” In his research, he defined gun massacres as a massacre where six or more people were shot and killed. He found that in the decade following the end of the federal ban, there was a 183% increase in massacres, and a 239% increase in the number of deaths in a massacre. Another expert who agrees, is Michael Siegal, a community health professor at Boston University, who stated, “Whether a state has a large capacity ammunition magazine ban is the single best predictor of the mass shooting rate in that state.” Banning high capacity magazines would help keep our country, specifically children and school

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