Should Concealed Weapons Be Allowed In Schools

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Concealed weapons are a type of protection that many people have argued about for various reasons. Some people believe that carrying a concealed weapon should be a right that everyone should have, while others believe that it is unsafe for themselves or others. Concealed weapons are weapons, especially handguns, which are kept hidden on one's person, or under one's control (“USLegal, Inc”). When people discuss concealed weapons, they usually talk about handguns; however, any device or instrument that can cause harm or death to another individual is considered a weapon. This could include knives, tools, and items that could be turned into a weapon. Most states have their own laws when it comes to who or where someone can carry a concealed weapon and students who are on campuses must abide by those laws. Many college campuses allow students to carry concealed weapons. In fact, some schools are …show more content…

Several studies mention that licensed concealed carry weapons aren’t involved in crimes that happen on campus. Certain individuals that do commit crimes on and off campus, generally don’t go through background checks to obtain legal concealed weapons. Gun permit requirements vary by state but most require that applicants are the legal minimum age, complete a safety course and have sound criminal and mental histories (Collins). Allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus could be considered dangerous; however, having these students’ complete safety courses and go through testing that proves they are mentally capable could prevent it from being dangerous. Certain campuses also don’t allow students to carry conceal in classrooms or in dorms. These weapons would only be allowed in the student’s car or in other designated areas. This at least allows students to feel safe when walking home or driving to off-campus

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