Gun Regulation Essay

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While Gun control laws can never be to strict, Gun Control in new jersey is very regulated because gun control is also pushing back on who can purchase, New jersey gun Laws are some of the strictest in the nation, and Firearms have to be transported safely. There are permits that you have to get before you can purchase a gun. There is also a concealed carriers permit you can get if you are in a domestic violence relationship. What many people forget about and where people get in trouble is when they are not being careful with their guns when they are on there property, even though you are on your property with a gun you still have to be careful with when you take it out. Five main things you should know about new jersey gun laws, as stated …show more content…

They have a ban on automatic weapons and high compasity magazines, as stated in “After the shooting in new town there was a rise in sale of purchasing permits in 2013 Obama reveled a 500-million-dollar plan to curb gun violence”. According to “Even with the new hype in buying gun purchasing permits in new jersey is still one of the lowest states trying to lower the purchasing guns in order to stop crime”. In shootings the crime is never because of the guns it is because of the person holding the gun, the brains behind the gun that causes the …show more content…

In order to purchase a fire arm in new jersey there are some steps you have to fallow before you can do so. As stated in “The process of a firearms ID card starts at your local police station by completing a STS-33 form.” Also you have to have to provide two references from reputable citizens. Also stated in nj2as, any one who wants to get a fire arms purchasing permit also has to go get their finger prints taken, also they have to pay a five-dollar fee for the application and a two-dollar fee for the permit. Once you get the fire arms purchasing permit you can obtain a handgun permit, but you have to have your fire arms permit first. New jersey prohibits the possession of caring a hand gun when it is not concealed and when you are off your property or out of your place of business when you don’t have a permit. As stated in smart gun laws, even if you are not a new jersey resident you still have to obtain a permit from NJSP just like you would if you were a new jersey resident. Fire arm purchasing permits last two years before thy

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