Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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While those in favor of gun control work hard to push their agenda, it is clear that America has far more citizens who favor gun rights over gun control. In order to get what they want, control supporters are going to need to get a big jump on gun supporters for house seats. Some of the control supporters have even begun to turn their head and give up on their arguments. The ones who were once completely against guns, have now begun to say that “there is a time and place for everything” (Elliot and Frizell, The New Politics of Gun Control). The motto in New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die”. Even though they believe there is a need for some guns, they still think there are too many guns and some need to be banned. They insist on there being background …show more content…

In Vancouver, guns are tightly restricted and as a result, they have much lower murder and assault rates. This brings about the question on whether laxer restrictions on guns are leading to more firearm based crimes. Out of the 34,000 plus gun deaths a year in these cities, only 300 of them are people shooting an intruder. The threat of being attacked has struck the people so hard that many women are even beginning to arm themselves. All of these deaths and injuries have an overall cost of four billion dollars a year to the American health care system and everyone pays for it whether it be through taxes or increased …show more content…

There was a case of a 13 year old boy killing a 19 year old because he was acting out a plot he had seen on TV. The real question about this is why did a 13 year old have unsupervised access to a deadly weapon in the first place. Lousy parenting could be largely at blame for many of the incidents like this one. If a child believes it is okay to kill people just because they saw it on TV or in a video game then they haven’t had someone telling them right from wrong while growing up. No matter how much control supporters push for legislation, the NRA single handedly blocks their path and they also represent the views of hunters and sportsman who’s lives revolve around guns. NRA membership is higher now than ever exceeding slightly over three million people; however, control supporters still believe the NRA and their capabilities are overrated. A lawyer who had a near death gun shot experience had the idea of talking with both gun control advocates and the NRA and try to meet a common ground, which was something that had never been attempted before. Although this was thought to be a good idea, it was like trying to mix fire and ice and no common grounds were agreed

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