A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mom's Demand Action

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Gun control is one of the most controversial topics today. Many believe that owning a firearm is a form of self-defense, while others say an armed civilian is highly unlikely to stop a dangerous situation from escalating. By controlling who can obtain a gun, acts of violence could be greatly reduced. This gun violence prevention ad was created by the group, Moms Demand Action, as a result of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that took place in 2012. The group was started by a stay-at-home mom named Shannon Watts. Their purpose for creating the advertisement was to raise awareness nationally on the senseless acts of gun violence and to promote strict gun laws. Through different components of visual literacy, such as ethos, pathos, and …show more content…

Moms Demand Action is known all over America, with chapters in all 50 states. Partnered with the group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, they were able to unite millions of Americans to come together and make a difference at the local, state, and national levels. The audience can conclude that through this powerful image, Mom’s Demand Action is a group that is eager for change. People that believe gun control is not needed will not agree with this image. They may argue that education about gun safety is needed rather than rules that limit gun ownership. Majority of the people who oppose gun control believe that it violates the Second Amendment. The Revere Journal says that “In terms of the substance of the Second Amendment, the notion of a militia has no practical meaning today relative to what that term meant in the late 18th century. We are long past the days when farmers left the fields to become de facto soldiers, or when posses were rounded up to chase outlaws, or when settlers were on their own in a hostile environment. Some pretend that a lifestyle that no longer exists still has meaning in the America of the 21st century.” The people that agree on needing strict gun control laws will find a stronger connection to this image compared to the people who oppose

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