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  • 'A Critical Analysis Of Kim Church's Bullet'

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    Humans react to their surroundings, thus shaping their own behaviors and thought processes. “Bullet” by Kim Church examines the relationships between the narrator and two other men, as well as the role of bullets in her encounters with them. The first man, Hobart, is her husband who displays abusive tendencies, while the second, the man who robbed her store, uses violence in a very different way. Hobart prefers the use of brute force to achieve the narrator’s submission, but the robber gains victory

  • Essay On Ballistics

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    target as well as effect due to the launched projectile on the target. On this basis ballistics is divided into three major parts 1. External ballistics 2. Internal ballistics 3. Terminal ballistics, respectively. This projectile includes especially bullets, missiles, drop down rockets, etc. The device that is used to fire or launch these projectiles, it is a firearm. A firearm is a device to hurl a projectile or projectiles. The force is supplied by the creation and expansion of gases usually from the

  • Essay On Gun Safety Rules

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    Title: Gun Safety Rules and Tips Guns are inherently dangers and should be handled with care. Improper use, storage and care of firearms leads to unintentional deaths, injury or damage. If you are a firearm owner, a potential gun owner or a curious about the use and effects of guns, then learning about gun safety is essential. Gun safety rules are the recommendations given to minimize or eliminate accidental or negligent discharge and the consequences of malfunctioning firearms. They also impart

  • Rifle Barreleling Research Paper

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    Rifle Barreling (Rifling groove): There are several techniques to boring of rifle barrels wherein the rifle barrel must have groove, and it is summarized as follows below. 1. Single Point Cut: This process cuts one groove at a time, for as many time as required. This process is not popular and is not common anymore. 2. Broached Rifling: In this process, a broaching bit with cutters in a single tool is inserted into the barrel and pulled through. In this process, all the grooves are cut in a single

  • An Analysis Of Malcolm X's Black Power Movement

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    Throughout the United States history, there have been some influential minority individuals and groups who have significantly influenced the nation. America is a state well known to have been founded entirely on the standards of equality as well as freedom, but it was actually established through the struggles, sweat, and blood of millions of minority Africans who were pulled out of their original native land and exploited as slaves. The Africans and other minority groups were perceived as inferior

  • Glock 19 Case Study

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    On Monday, September 26th, around 17:00, Torrance Sweeney, the district 12 congressman of New York, held a political rally in Washington Square Park. A crowd of about 500 people extended 25m from the podium whilst he stood atop a slightly raised podium. At 17:56, participants of the rally and occupants of the park reported to hearing a low gunshot, but the shooter was not identified. 17:00 is a bustling time for New York, making the park busier than usual, and harder to spot an oddity. Medical reports

  • Bullet To The Brain Analysis

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    The fiction story “Bullet to the brain” is a story based on being in enclosed environment. The character Anders throughout the story is not a likeable character. As his reactions show that Anders is brave. The setting, theme, and character were some of the elements that really stood out. The character in “bullet to the brain” Anders is an open minded person. Anders was also a very brave character as well. During the bank robbery that took place, he really did not show any sign of him actually

  • Paper Bullets Experiment: Data Analysis Of A Paper Bullet Experiment

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    Paper Bullets Experiment: Data Analysis The scientific question that was investigated by the paper bullets experiment asked, “Does the width of a paper bullet affect the distance it travels when it is launched?” The hypothesis that goes along with that question is, “If a paper bullet has a larger width, then it will travel a shorter distance than a standard paper bullet with a width of 4cm.” Variables in this experiment included the independent variable (width of the starting piece of paper used

  • Malcolm X Bullet

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    Malcolm X the Activist: Analysis of “The Ballot or the Bullet” Speech On April 12, 1964, Malcom X gives “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech at Cory Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Malcolm’s main purpose of the speech is to persuade African Americans to fight for their right to vote and to warn the U.S. government that if they restrict minorities from equality, violence will in turn take effect (Montoya 211). Malcolm X is speaking to his intended audience, which is the black community, about

  • Ballot Or The Bullet Analysis

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    approach taken by X and a rational, non-violent approach taken by King. The trivial similarities and differences between King 's "Letters from Birmingham Jail" and X 's "The Ballot or the Bullet" range from the style/tone, their thoughts on violent means, and their thoughts on the government. "The Ballot or the Bullet" and "Letters from Birmingham Jail" differ in terms of the style/tone used regardless of the

  • The Ballot Or The Bullet Summary

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    Civil Rights Act of 1964, Malcolm X gave his famous speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet”. In “The Ballot or the Bullet”, Malcolm X advocates for racial, economic, and social justice through the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, more black voting control, and more black local control through any means possible, including violence and the threat of it. Throughout the entire speech, the metaphor of “the ballot or the bullet” is repeatedly used. X states this phrase constantly throughout the speech,

  • The Bullet Was A Girl Analysis

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    anyone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” In the poem “the bullet was a girl,” Danez Smith captures the effect of when one has lost love. Romance ends with a heartbreak and depression. The figurative language in the poem contributes a darker and deeper meaning to the poem. For example, the speaker metaphorically delineates his feelings, as “the bullet was a girl…” (4). The “bullet” has a negative connotation to it because it often is associated with gun violence, warfare

  • The Ballot Or The Bullet Essay

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    and his ideals are arguably a representation of the transition from the early 1950 's non-violent movement for integration to a more aggressive black power movement. Evidence of this is shown through powerful strands of his novel “The Ballot or the Bullet” including when he writes, “I don 't mean go out and get violent, but at the same time you should never be non-violent unless you run into some non-violence.” (Malcolm 439). In writing that members of the civil rights movement should never be non-violent

  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Ballot Or The Bullet

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    speech, The Ballot or the Bullet, each line contains a separate appeal but often one line may be considered as multiple appeals combined. Rhetorically, the use of appeals is what makes this speech so successful and persuasive to X’s intended audience. Having credibility

  • The Ballot Or The Bullet Analysis

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    prejudice against Black individuals from the government and people of authority. Malcolm X was a human rights activist, who articulated concepts of racial pride and black nationalism in the early 1960s. Malcolm X delivered the speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” in which he endorsed ethnic, economic and social impartiality as essential to achieve

  • Bullet In The Brain Analysis

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    Tobias Wolff’s Bullets in the Brain and Timmy Reed’s Birds and Other Things We placed In Our Hearts has similarities and differences. Bullets in the Brain first appeared in The New Yorker on Sept 25, 1995 while Birds and Other Things We placed In Our Hearts is publish in a web journal Necessary Fiction on January 2014. The two stories have a theme that discuss about respect - respect for individuality and respect for person’s unlikeable traits. In Reed’s story, the lead character learns to respect

  • Malcolm X's 'The Ballot Or The Bullet'

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    “The Ballot or the Bullet” , by Malcolm X, uses parallel structure and anaphora to make it memorable and illustrate Malcolm X’s opinion on the Negro rights topic. “The Hypocrisy of American Slavery” , by Frederick Douglass, includes antithesis to interpret his opinion on the Negro rights issue. Both speakers use pattern of three to make their speeches effective, memorable and persuading. Malcolm X was a civil rights leader before he was assassinated at the age of 40. He was also muslim. He made

  • Stereotypes In Bullet To Heaven

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    The film watched was Ticket to Heaven filmed in 1981. The topic of this paper is the difference between Lynn Neal’s paper “They’re Freaks!” and Sean McCloud’s paper “New Religions in the Media” compared to the film “Ticket to Heaven.” The articles “They’re Freaks!” and “New Religions in the Media” talk about new religious movements (NRM) and how they are portrayed in a series of different media platforms. The film, “Ticket to Heaven” predominantly shows stereotypical features of NRMs that can also

  • Political Bullet Shooting Essay

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    speaker has been murdered during a political demonstration. The bullet was fired from among the crowd, who claimed to have heard a popping noise from amongst them, but no one seemed to have seen the shooter or the weapon. The shooter was successful in concealing the firearm, therefore, it must be a small weapon such as a handgun and he must have been surrounded by people who were involved in the murder along with him. Also, the bullet is fired from a certain distance that may approximately lie between

  • Bullet Musket Research Paper

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    warranted gun usage, and the idea traveled across the globe. It has evolved and changed in significant ways over time. One may imagine an object that speaks with great power, but in reality, it has a quite simple appearance. The bullet mould. I am a scissor-type bullet mould. My hinges now creek when I open, but years ago they slid together like butter. My handles reach out to the sides at a 22° angle, recoiling at the ends with an inward curl. My edges, now chipped and rounded, were sharp