Glock 19 Case Study

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On Monday, September 26th, around 17:00, Torrance Sweeney, the district 12 congressman of New York, held a political rally in Washington Square Park. A crowd of about 500 people extended 25m from the podium whilst he stood atop a slightly raised podium. At 17:56, participants of the rally and occupants of the park reported to hearing a low gunshot, but the shooter was not identified. 17:00 is a bustling time for New York, making the park busier than usual, and harder to spot an oddity. Medical reports indicated a small non-lethal entry wound in the lower abdomen. After much consideration, it has been concluded that Mr. Sweeney was shot using a Glock 19 gen 4 with an AAC TiRant 9s suppressor and Speer Gold Dot 115gr JHP ammunition.

Section 1: Firearm The shot is believed to have been taken inside the crowd, because the shooting would have been noticeable otherwise. Though firing in a crowd is hard, the shooter most likely fired the gun with his arm raised for a clean shot to the congressman’s lower abdomen. However, no one reported to have seen the shooter or firearm, so it had to have been a small, concealable carry. He was shot at about 25m, therefore, a 9mm handgun would be most suitable because its effective range is about 50m. The Glock 19 generation 4 would be a perfect
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It is also a very popular civilian handgun used as a daily self-defence carry. It features a smaller barrel length and pistol grip than the original version of the firearm, which makes it easy to obscure, a factor that would be critical in the shooter’s case. Like all Glocks, the Glock 19 is striker-fired and short-recoil operated. The specific generation (4) of the Glock 19 is a minute variation, however, it is supposedly the most improved version and is reported to have better recoil, and a rougher grip, all beneficial
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