Persuasive Essay On Concealed Handguns

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Concealed Handguns Most homicides are committed by guns. Handguns are used more than any other gun in crimes and over 73,000 people are treated for non-fatal wounds every year. Although each state varies in what is needed to be able to carry a concealed handgun it is a fairly simple progress as long as a background check comes back good, with no history of crime or use of addictive drugs. Being able to carry enables people to do things they wouldn’t even think of doing if they didn’t have a gun with them at all times. There are many suicides each year from people who carry or know someone who does or has a family member who carries. The ironic thing is that if people didn’t have the right to carry concealed handguns, most crimes, deaths and injuries would not happen because it would just be harder to get ahold of guns. Concealed handguns can easily cause the risk of unnecessary shootings. Disagreements will happen and instead of a possible fist fight a person 's anger can escalate and a gun could be pulled out and that disagreement or fight turns into a deadly shooting accident. Our society today is so lazy that there may be many that would not go through the trouble just to get a gun. In a way that’s a sad thing but it is also a very good thing that they don’t have the motivation …show more content…

People use Concealed Handguns for so much more than just protection. Many people who own concealed weapons use them to injure someone and to commit crimes. They do not realize that the more crimes they commit the more the public will panic and get their own concealed weapons to protect themselves and their families in case someone threatens to cause harm to their families. This causes injuries all around us, and is just a cycle of people trying to protect themselves and others trying to make an “easy”

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