The Pros And Cons Of Concealed Carry

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The issue of concealed carry is one that evokes heated debate upon mention. One one hand, concealed carry allows people to defend themselves in public, should the situation arrive. One the other hand, concealed carry may cause unnessecary shootings, or accidents. Both sides of the debate have valid concerns. On the side of Pro-CC view, the concern is that if someone is attacked they should be able to defend themselves. So they believe that concealed carry should be allowed. I can understand and sympathize with this view. A few years ago, near my old apartment building, a man was shot and he was defenseless- without a gun. People certainly should be able to defend themselves with a gun against an attacker. The main concerns on the Anti-CC side are that carrying a concealed weapon can lead to unplanned injuries whether by accident or in the unfortunate snap decision of a heated argument. I also understand these concerns. For some people, their emotions can get the better of them and they can do detestable things such as shooting the person they are arguing with. …show more content…

On the pro side, people who are attacked can defend themselves, and people might assume those around them have guns and may be less likely to act violently. The cons of concealed carry are that it can lead to injuries by mistakes, and that it can lead to tragic endings to heated arguements. Although the cons sound bad, they are due to human error and anger and cannot be eradicated. The concerns that the Anti-CC side have are concerns that are not exclusive to concealed carry- they also apply to regular gun ownership. Someone who legally owns a gun and keeps it in his or her home can shoot his or her spouse in the midst of a heated arguement. He or she can also accidentally harm a family member or visiting

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