Breakdown By Del Quentin Wilber

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RAWHIDE DOWN RAWHIDE DOWN was written by Del Quentin Wilber. This story is about when President Ronald Reagan was shot in a assassination attempt on March 30th, 1981. President Reagan survived because of the quick actions of Secret Service men and doctors. The main character is Ronald Reagan. He was a successful politician, actor, and radio announcer. Other Characters are John Hinckley Jr, Jerry Parr, James Brady, Timothy McCarthy, Al Haig, Nancy Reagan, Vice President George H. W. Bush, Dr. Joseph Giordano, and Dr. Benjamin Aaron. The settings in Washington D.C. are the Hilton Hotel, the White House, and the George Washington Hospital. John Hinckley Jr. fell in love with a movie star but she didn't like him. He did everything he could so she would …show more content…

Hilton Hotel on March 30th, 1981. He decided last minute that this is when he would kill Reagan. Secret Service agent Jerry Parr barely knew Reagan so he decided to change shifts to go to the Hilton for some bonding time with Reagan. Jerry Parr and Reagan arrived at the Hilton in a armored limousine along with a few other Secret Service men and police officers. President Ronald Reagan began his speech with a joke. After he was finished with his speech he started walking back to the limousine. When he got close to the limo John shot six bullets in under two seconds. Jerry Parr pushed Reagan into the limo. The first bullet hit James Brady, the press secretary, in the head. The second bullet hit a police officer in the back. The fourth bullet hit Timothy McCarthy, a Secret Service agent, in the chest. The sixth bullet hit the limo and ricocheted. At 2:27 pm one of the pieces of the sixth bullet hit Reagan, but no one knew this at the time. Once Jerry and Reagan were in the limo Jerry Parr used the radio in the limo to tell another Secret Service agent that Rawhide was okay and that they were heading to the White House. Rawhide was the nickname

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