Our American Cousin Summary

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Welcome to the eyewitness report where we get you everything you should know about what is happening right now,blazing fast! I Luke Reed will be filling you in on everything you need to know. Today our main headline is on the assassination attempt on our president Abraham Lincoln.

Last night Abraham Lincoln and his wife went to go see the performance that was showing in the Ford Theatre since it was a benefit to Abraham lincoln himself. The name of the play was “Our American Cousin”, Written by Tom Taylor. Many people were also there to watch the show since it was very popular and because they would see the president of the United States. Abraham lincoln sat in a booth that was elevated upward so he was safe, just for him with his wife Mary. Or so they thought it was safe.. The …show more content…

Lewis Powell and George Herold, both apart of Booths Gang were on there way to try and assassinate secretary of state William Henry Seward. Harold waited outside with the horses for the escape and Powell went inside to attempt assassination. He got very close to killing Seward, he stabbed him and cut him all over. But what were the odds that Seward did not die. Everybody thought he was dead so news started spreading fast about the death and assassination. Meanwhile back at the town Booth was getting closer and closer to Lincoln 's Booth seat. Booth sneaked all the way up until he was at the door that lead into the booth. surprisingly enough nobody was guarding the door like he expected. Booth slowly walked in until he was just 3 feet behind Major Henry Rathbone, Clara harris, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Abraham Lincoln. Booth waited until everybody started laughing, Pulled out his philadelphia Deringer and then fired right into lincoln 's head. Most People thought it was part of the show but once the smoke started pouring out of the booth they realized something was horribly wrong. Booth right away jumped out and yelled “Sic Semper tyrannis” and

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