Who Is Responsible For Lincoln's Assassination

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Lincoln had many people that tried to assassinate him. There was only one that succeeded in killing Lincoln. He was careful with his methods and process. John Wilkes Booth was the man that killed Abraham Lincoln at Ford 's Theater. Nine months before Lincoln was assassinated someone else tried to kill Lincoln in August of 1864. The shooter shot and missed, but the bullet landed through his hat, but something had spoiled his shot so he missed the president 's head. It was a dark summer day so that could have been another reason he missed the shot that could have ended Lincoln 's life. The choices changed the United States, but also ended his life. People even tried to kill Lincoln before he became inaugurated because he basically cheated to …show more content…

It was the Peterson house where Lincoln died. One of the reasons Lincoln was assassinated because he wanted to make America, united as one even if it was an all slave country or an all free slave country. All Lincolns wanted to do was to unite the country as one. It takes a war and his life to make that happen. There were about five attempts to kill Lincoln, one attempt was 9 months before Lincoln 's assassination. In 1864, 9 months before he was brutally shot by John Wilkes Booth, he was riding to the Old Soldier’s Home outside of Washington DC, he was there all alone with no one around. A gunshot rang out, and his horse Jumped in fear. President Lincoln arrived, without his hat, at the old Soldier’s Home. The following day, two soldiers went looking for the hat, and discovered it on the path, with a musket ball hole through the side. The shooter had missed because something made him miss it could have been because it was dark. President Lincoln, for his part, dismissed the incident as a likely hunting accident. He told the soldiers that rumors of an assassination plot would be more dangerous to

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