Abraham Lincoln's Assassination In Blood On The Moon

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The President was assassinated in Springfield Illinois, so his body had to be transported, via train back to Washington DC, where his funeral would take place. According to Edward Steers Jr, the author of Blood on the Moon, a biography and explanation of Lincolns assassination, that on route to Washington D.C. “the train traveled 1,664 miles and made scheduled funeral stops in eleven cities” (Steers 278). The funeral procession was one like nobody had ever seen before. Steers gathers that “all along the sixteen-hundred-mile journey thousands upon thousands of citizens turned out and stood or sat in their buggies and wagons waiting for the train” (Steers 278). The people of the US showed up in massive crowds just to watch the train transporting Lincolns body, and pay their respects to a man that they all looked up to. At the New York stop, over 500,000 people waited in line to get a glimpse of their murdered president (Steers 283). It was obvious that the American citizens respected Abraham Lincoln. …show more content…

It’s important to note that the United State’s first and only civil war was fought during Lincoln’s presidency and that he held a controversial stance at the time on the subject of slavery. When Lincoln died, on one hand many people mourned him, but on the other people rejoiced Lincolns assassination at the same time. It’s strange for someone that lives in the year 2017 that someone would be happy that President Lincoln was assassinated. He stood up for so many right and just standpoints. Wasn’t it a tragedy that Lincoln was murdered in cold blood? Many people would think so but this isn’t the

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