Summary Of Chasing Lincoln's Killer By James L. Swanson

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The book Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson really focuses on how Lincoln died, and on the search for the killer. In this book, Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford's theatre by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. After booth shot Abraham Lincoln, he fell off the top seat and broke his leg. Abraham Lincoln eventually died at 7:22:10 am. Booth and his group of associates’ plan were to kill the leaders in the government (Abraham Lincoln, Vice-president Johnson, and Secretary Seward). When Booth was crossing the bridge to get into Maryland, his friend, Lewis Powell, was attempting to assassinate Secretary Seward. Seward was already injured due to a carriage accident and was laying in bed defenseless. Only Fannie Seward and Sergeant Robinson …show more content…

Booth and Harold have much more help along the way, but there was one stop that was extra special. Booth and Herold had stopped at a person's house and bought a boat, and the seller of the boat gave them a direction to travel. But Booth and Herold ended up traveling the opposite direction, ending up back in Maryland. Booth and Herold ended up seeking hospitality and finding some. By this point, Powell and Atzerodt have already been arrested. Booth and Herold were able to hitch a ride to Virginia where they found a place to stay. Booth and Herold pretended to be War veterans, eager to fight in the war again. Richard H Garrett was the one to take in booth and Herold for about 2 days. But, when Booth got spooked by a couple of soldiers passing, John Garret a little suspicious of who Booth really is. To add to this trouble when Booth got a message that the Cavalry were coming, he darted into the woods. Booth and Herold had to sleep in the Tobacco Barn, due to John Garrett’s suspicion of their identities. When the Cavalry made a showing at the Garrett Farm, booth and Herold tried to escape through the front door but then realized that it was

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