Sam Lincoln Collier

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The characters in the book are Betsy who is Sam’s girlfriend, Sam, Papa, Mama, and Tim. Sam is a high-strung 16-year-old who joins the Continental Army to fight for his principles against his family’s wishes. Sam is executed by his own army after being falsely accused of stealing his own family’s cattle. This book is by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. The genre is historical fiction.
Tim Meeker is a little boy who lives in Redding, Connecticut around the time the American Revolution begins. Tim does not care for politics at all, but his father is a loyalist to Great Britain, much like the rest of Redding. Tim’s entire family likes his older brother Sam. Sam joined the Continental Army to fight against the British but his father …show more content…

When Sam comes home to visit every now and then nobody would talk to him but Tim. When Sam is on a trip with him father to sell beef to loyalists in New York, they are stopped by a bunch of brigands who presumably abduct him.
When Tim goes home he sees one of his friends get captured by the British. Tim begins to have stronger feelings about the two sides. Sam is for the patriots and his father is for the british. The next year Tim finds out that his father and friend have died on a prison ship due to an outbreak of cholera.
After this, Tim’s mother begins to drink heavily.Meanwhile, prices of food and drink go up and the Redcoats even show up in Redding to seize weapons and fight the few Patriots there. The last time Sam comes back to Redding, he is framed for stealing cattle. His own army executes him as a warning to soldiers who might do the same thing if faced by extreme hunger. In the end, Sam ends up getting shot by a Patriot, who is on the same side as him.
My favorite part of the book is when Sam steals his father’s gun to use as a weapon during battles because he is brave and because he really doesn’t care about what his dad has to

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