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Malcolm X the Activist: Analysis of “The Ballot or the Bullet” Speech
On April 12, 1964, Malcom X gives “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech at Cory Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Malcolm’s main purpose of the speech is to persuade African Americans to fight for their right to vote and to warn the U.S. government that if they restrict minorities from equality, violence will in turn take effect (Montoya 211). Malcolm X is speaking to his intended audience, which is the black community, about taking action for the Black Nationalist movement, and he also addresses his unintended audience, which is the white community and the United States government, in order to show that he is serious about the revolution and they need to act or violence …show more content…

He portrays an activist ethos through his confrontation because he acts as the catalyst for change within his audience. Malcolm addresses his audience about passively allowing whites to prosper by stating, “The white man is too intelligent to let someone else come in and gain control of the economy of his community. But you will let anybody come in and take control of the economy of your community… under the pretext that you want to integrate. No, you’re out of your mind” (Malcolm X 212). This quote demonstrates motivation through confrontation because Malcolm uses the difference of the actions taken by each ethnic community in order to show African Americans that they are being submissive to the white community. Malcolm X says “you’re out of your mind” to show that this kind of behavior from the black community is unnecessary, which they need to realize, and it needs to change. He emphasizes the fact that life does not have to continue to be the way it is and he …show more content…

He is able to connect with his audience because he understands the differences between the black and white communities and what needs to be done, he knows what his audience needs to do next, and he is able to tell them how it is. These three qualities show that Malcolm X is an activist because he is taking what he has learned in order to fight for racial equality and spreading his knowledge throughout his community for the purpose of a

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