Argumentative Essay: Should Children Be Taught Gun Safety?

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Should children be taught gun safety? An instructor at an Arizona shooting range was teaching a nine year old how to shoot a fully automatic uzi and the kid lost control of the gun and accidently shot the instructor. Gun accidents like this shouldn’t happen. First, a nine year old kid should not start learning how to shoot a gun of that caliber. Once the trigger is pulled with that type of gun, the gun shoots a lot of rounds a second and it is hard to control. In order to protect children and their family members, they should be taught the proper way on how to shoot guns. Gun safety needs to be taught to children to promote more respect for firearms while improving education and decreasing gun violence (Foley). Many accidental shootings happened in America in the past two or three years. One example is, a three year old accidentally reach into his pregnant mother’s purse and took out her pistol and shot his mom and dad. Now the child has to live with all that for the rest of his life knowing he shot his mom and dad, in 2015 toddlers in the United State accidently shot one person per week. Thirteen toddlers have killed themselves with firearms (Sacco). Those who enjoy …show more content…

The stronger side is that children should be taught gun safety. This side is better because it gave a lot more information on why they should be taught. On the other side it just talked about more accidents that happened which kind of goes back to why gun safety should be taught. Gun safety should be taught to children. There are too many accidents that happen with children handling guns without knowing how to use them. A lot of people have guns in the United States so the logical reason is to teach them. Butch Jensen has a good point. If you are going to teach children gun safety, you should start with a lower caliber gun, like a BB gun or a .22 rifle

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