School Safety Vs Gun Control Essay

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School shootings and gun violence have regrettably become a major issue in America today. The frequency of these acts of hatred are increasing and an increasing number of people are debating about necessary precautions. The most recent school shooting in America occurred this past week and the victims of it are raising their voices for the world to hear. There needs to be better, more efficient policies put in place regarding school safety and gun control to ensure this type of heinous crime does not happen ever again. There are people who say this is a matter of mental illness and others who say this is about gun control. The people that cling to the belief that these kinds of tragedies happen solely because of mental illnesses are wrong. …show more content…

Many people from both the Republican and Democratic parties favor the idea of placing a ban on assault weapons and creating a new federal database to monitor gun sales as well as having background checks for private and gun show sales (Struyk, 1). Other possible safety measures include every school having a professional crisis team that can review their existing policies, staff members who question every visitor who comes into the school, constant locked doors, and more frequent safety drills (Gumbrecht, 1). Since the Columbine shooting of 1999, even architectural designs have been implemented to ensure school safety. Schools that have been built since then try to have single, prominent entryways, reduced landscaping which means fewer places for the shooter to hide, restrooms away from entrances, and mechanical and electrical systems away from easy access points (Gumbrecht, 2). Construction companies have been trying to create something to make it so that the accident is contained, whether it be a shooting or an explosion (Gumbrecht, 2). All of these policies and safety measures being implemented would reduce the risk of students and staff dying in saddening situations like

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