Firearms Essays

  • Firearm Maintenance Essay

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    Chapter 4: Firearm Maintenance You should clean your gun regularly if you want to make sure that it will work safely and correctly every time you use it. Guns that are poorly maintained may malfunction, which can mean certain death in some situations. It may explode in your hands or misfire, things that you never want to happen (especially during a gunfight). If you will take care of your firearm properly, you will be able to maintain its excellent condition and prolong its life. In general, your

  • Firearm Stoppage

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    Firearm stoppage is one of the biggest problems I see in the military along with operator error. It can throw you off when you are shooting than all the sudden something went wrong and now you have to fix the jam. Sam is the acronym that the man in the video uses that for troubleshooting what happened that created stoppage. The S in SAM stands for the shooter, or what I like to call operator error. He goes into talking about a shooter that is shooting with a limp wrist which does not allow the slide

  • Firearms In The 13th Century

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    the invention of firearms in the 13th century, people have been abusing them for other purposes such as robberies, or murder. Firearms were also the main weapon used during wars for their effectiveness and short time required to set up compared to stationary sentries. Simple knife fights turned into horrific gun fights that could accidentally harm other pedestrians through the ricochet of bullets in the surrounding area. Furthermore, even after World War 2, the number of firearm related deaths kept

  • Informative Essay: Firearm Regulations

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    Firearm Regulations Gun control has been a controversial topic throughout time. Gun control laws are policies used to manage the transfer, produce, transaction, and modification of guns for civilians. Firearms, like pistols, handguns or any other portable guns are mostly managed through states and range on where a person is from. Under the Second Amendment, the people of the United States have the right to “bear arms” and therefore are protected under it. Firearms have become a global issue. There

  • Forensic Sciences: Firearms Unit

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    of the subdivisions is the Firearms tool marks Unit or otherwise known as the FTU. The FTU main focus is determine whether a specific firearm fired a bullet or cartridge retrieved from a crime scene. The firearm examiner has two specific parts to their criteria, first they always solve fore the class characteristics and after they have successfully determined that step examiners then look and study the individual characteristics. Class characteristics used in firearms comparison are traits that

  • Mass Shootings and the Right to Bear Firearms

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    Most people argue that everyone should have a right to bear firearms. However, unlimited access to guns endangers the safety of the society. Guns can fall in the hands of bloodthirsty offenders or of mentally unstable people. Therefore, firearms should be controlled and must be allowed based on certain qualifications. Most mass shooters have no solid reason or any emotional ties with their victims, but they all have access to firearms. For some mentally unstable people, having the gun by itself

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control And Firearm Regulation

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    The topic of gun control and firearm regulation has been subject to heated debate for a long while. Both sides have potent arguments, however the core of this issue ultimately boils down to the constitution itself. More specifically the second amendment. This argument quickly becomes quite complicated because gun control and firearm regulation concerns not only the right of citizens, but more importantly the safety of citizens. The second amendment helps to guarantee an imperative right belonging

  • Firearms Violate The Second Amendment

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    The District of Columbia (D.C.) enacted in 1976 the, Firearms Control Regulations act of 1975, this legislation prohibited individuals from possessing firearms that are currently not registered as well as banning the registration of handguns following 1975. Though the police chief may authorize the issuing of licenses with a validation of one year, this provision requires that individuals who possess a legally obtained firearm, disassemble their weapon and bind it with a trigger lock ("District of

  • Should Gun Laws Be Allowed In Schools

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    in the United States that believes that all firearms should have harsher laws, and some people even want to see firearms completely banned. However, there is another group of people who want to see the gun laws kept as they are, or even have the laws become

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    In the U.S.A, an eighteen-year old can obtain multiple firearms including military-style rifles that can discharge a hundred of rounds in minutes. In a country where guns play an agonizing role in society, there has not been any modifying actions to regulating the use of firearms. Due to numerous mass shootings using firearms, the safety of citizens is at stake. Many incidents using firearms have costed the lives of many. It has reached its peak where mass shootings have become common. From mass

  • What Are These Gaps In Gun Control?

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    purchasers of firearms who commit violent crimes have probably done so legally. Each year more guns are produced and purchased and more individuals go unchecked as they arm themselves for that point in the future where they will decide to use their destructive arms. It is estimated that over 300 million firearms are in possession of private US citizens, that is roughly one firearm per American (Horsley, 2016). This buildup in ownership only increases the probability of more firearms being sold off

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Reforms

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    culture and advances in firearm technology. Year after year, decade after decade, one shooting after another, our gun laws have hardly kept up. Our closest allies and most similar foreign counterparts surpass us in their updated firearm laws. Why does the U.S. continue to lack in reform and change in our 2nd amendment? Since the inception of the 2nd amendment in 1791, we have seen a massive technological advancement in firearm technology. (1) Back in those days, firearms were only capable of firing

  • Accidental Shootings

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    teaching children the importance of firearm safety. Accidental shootings in the United States are becoming a bigger problem than they used to be; the statistics grow a significant amount each year. Unfortunately, those numbers mainly rise with defenseless children and teens. These adolescents are victims of accidental shootings due to the lack of education they are provided with. Parents are not teaching their children how to properly handle and respect a firearm. Along with the parents, society feels

  • Explain Why Guns Are More Than Weapons Essay

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    weapons. But they are not as evil as you seem to be saying. Firearms are tools. Knives are tools. Hammers are tools, but all three can be used to harm or kill others and on that you cannot logically disagree. Firearms are a deterrent to criminals who would attack anyone anytime and anywhere...because of the unknown fact that their victim might be armed with a firearm and use it to save their life and protect their property and loved ones. Firearms are also a check & balance to the potential of government

  • Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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    opinions among United States citizens’ views on gun control is a large problem that has faced the nation for several years. Due to recent tragedies related to the issue, many Americans have responded in outrage, demanding more rigorous laws related to firearm control; Others believe it would only be harmful to enact stricter gun laws, under the idea that it would present a lack of self-defense. This essay will review the pros and cons of the opposing views surrounding the controversy, and analyze the individual

  • Gun Control: Second Amendment Of The United States

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    Gun Control     Guns have always been a fundamental piece of American life and culture.  The Second Amendment of the United States even asserts that firearms are, “necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  In recent times President Obama has put forth a few executive actions in order to try and reduce gun violence.  His proposals mainly focus on fixing and enhancing the background check system, greater education efforts, and

  • Argumentative Essay: Repealing Gun Control

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    Repealing Gun Control Firearms are a pretty big deal. The Second Amendment has been debated for centuries. Many believe our forefathers had set this for militias and not for individual rights, but the other amendments are for individual’s rights. The right to bear arms in the Second Amendment was written by men who started our country by using their firearms against a government of tyranny. Many people have challenged the Second Amendment against the individual rights of the people of the United

  • Gun Safety Essay

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    G.A.S.P Gun Awareness Safety program Here 's the problem, the United States accounts for nearly 75 percent of all children’s death do to firearms. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the United States are 17 times more likely to be murdered by firearms than children in other nations. Evidence indicates that the presence of a gun makes children less safe and children younger than 15 in the U.S are more likely to die from a gun accident than other children around

  • Gun Control: A Big Factor In Today's Society

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    banned—and began campaigning against semi-automatic firearms they called "assault weapons," most of which are rifles’(“A ban on assault weapons would not reduce crime”). From 1994 to 2004, the Federal Assault Weapons (F.D.A) banned semi automatic weapons from having more than 10 rounds. The easiest way to define gun control is by saying it a government regulation sale of any type of handgun, or assault rifle. It’s just a certain style the government sales firearms, if you have a criminal background or criminal

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    resident to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for many reasons since the 10th century when they were invented after the Chinese invented gunpowder. Some people chose to own a firearm for protection, hunting