Informative Essay: Firearm Regulations

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Firearm Regulations Gun control has been a controversial topic throughout time. Gun control laws are policies used to manage the transfer, produce, transaction, and modification of guns for civilians. Firearms, like pistols, handguns or any other portable guns are mostly managed through states and range on where a person is from. Under the Second Amendment, the people of the United States have the right to “bear arms” and therefore are protected under it. Firearms have become a global issue. There are certain people who believe that firearm regulations should be enforced, however the increase in firearm control can cause many negative outcomes. Efforts to maintain firearms away from people affect society negatively, by limiting the peoples …show more content…

They are used for sports, competitions, and hunting. This opens a new different debate. However, compared to any other sports like football, where the player at the end of their career are left with permanent health issues, shooting sports are actually very safe. Studies show that “an individual is 100 times more likely to be injured in a swimming pool than by a gun” (National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 1999 and a 1991 Harvard Medical Practice Study). Firearms are a part of many sports. It has become a hobby for many people in America. Since there has been an increase in gun control policies, there has also been a shrink in gun related injuries (Gallup). Gun competitions are also beneficial for one’s health. It encourages confidence and courage, as well as increasing focus and mental discipline. Firearms are not only used for self-defense and protection but for entertainment as well. Some benefits of gun ownership include, “working on fine motor skills to focus on eye-hand coordination, the physical disciplines learned through the shooting sport increases a person’s learning capacity and can provide a positive outlet for activity”(The Range). Promoting a healthy lifestyle meanwhile being protected and secure. Guns used for hunting is a completely different argument that has different kinds of restrictions and

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