Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In the U.S.A, an eighteen-year old can obtain multiple firearms including military-style rifles that can discharge a hundred of rounds in minutes. In a country where guns play an agonizing role in society, there has not been any modifying actions to regulating the use of firearms. Due to numerous mass shootings using firearms, the safety of citizens is at stake. Many incidents using firearms have costed the lives of many. It has reached its peak where mass shootings have become common. From mass shootings happening in night-clubs to schools, citizens from all over the country have pleaded and protested for gun reformation. “Between 1933 and 1982, nearly one million Americans were killed by firearms in murders, suicides and accidents.” (Jacobs 3). Gun control is essential because it will guarantee reformation, an increase in safety, and end gun neutrality. Deep background checks are the first crucial step in firearm reformation. Without intense background checks, the Brady II Law would be completely neglected. The purpose of the Brady Law was passed to strictly forbid irresponsible beings from obtaining a firearm. (Jacobs 138). This objective was crucial to prevent irresponsible people from buying a firearm. This person could have gone to a gun show, bought a firearm without signing any paperwork or going through a background check. In addition, the person could get away with buying a firearm by a non-Federal Firearms License (FFL). (Jacobs 122). “The Brady Law seeks to

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