Argumentative Essay On The Role Of Mass Shootings In America

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The second amendment of 1789 states that all civilians of the United States of America have their constitutional right to bare arms. Now, two centuries later, we have started to finally ride into a major problem regarding this constitutional amendment, what if people use this right for their own wrong will? Mass shootings in the past two decades have grown increasingly popular occasions throughout the world. It just takes one bad apple among the group to cause a multitude of deaths, usually based on mental illness or influence by the media. This not only creates a predicament of how we can stop or reduce these acts, but how we can find the source of them. Stopping or reducing these mass shootings is often a complicated issue, it could be a …show more content…

The nationwide availability of these guns creates a major problem regarding who buy them, from general gun stores, to gun shows / conventions, to even Walmart, getting ahold of a gun is still pretty easy in this year. Especially at gun shows though, some where you ¨don 't have to go through a background check when they make a purchase at a gun show¨ (Smith). Aaron Smith, a writer from CNN, claims in his article about how easy it is to obtain a weapon, and how although shootings seem to go up, gun control laws seem to stand still. Without making it rules for obtaining these guns then how can we continue to be surprised by the constant mass shootings perpetrated by these criminals? According to the ATF, there are approximately 55,000 licensed gun dealers in the US plus 8,000 pawn shops with licenses to sell them. With so many stores to sell these guns, it makes it almost impossible to control them each. Who knows how many of these stores lets anyone get away with a gun without a license or background checks. This goes into the idea that these shop owners should also go through a background check and license renewal every year or so, to guarantee genuineness. Not only is it the type of situation which can’t be cured entirely, it can be slowed down, which is why we need better precautions for people buying these

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