Pro Gun Control

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“A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that "legal purchase of a handgun appears to be associated with a long-lasting increased risk of violent death"(- There is such a thing as an unlicensed dealer selling handguns without a background check and proper documentation and it is legal. Those gun buyers are mainly causing chaos with mass shootings and yet others think the Second Amendment defends the right to own a weapon for “self-defense”. It is time for tougher gun control laws; the safety of the citizens depends on a safe environment free of guns from those using them for villainous purposes such as mass shootings or homicides. The age restrictions on guns is preposterous; any teenager …show more content…

The Second Amendment grants U.S citizens the right to bare arms, but it was written in a very different time: there was no police protection, and were no automatic weapons available.”- Is it time to pass tough gun control laws? By McClathy Tribune. People often refer to the Second Amendment when the argument of gun control laws as an excuse to prevent these changes because they believe their right to self-dense with a weapon is a form of government taking over. “There’s also the slippery slope argument. It preys on people’s fears that the government will turn into a dictatorship or completely ban guns…The Founders of our country wanted the people to be able to protect themselves from over powerful governments.” - Is it time to pass tough gun control laws? By McClathy Tribune. People might think their rights are being taken but in reality we are making the U.S a safer place for all our citizens. “They say that since Congress stopped banning assault rifles in 2004, violent crime in America has fallen significantly, and shootings are also down slightly.” There are positive consequences for having new gun control laws and the safety of the citizens increases with each new law. Those positive consequences are not enough to convince everyone that we need improved gun control

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