American Citizens Should Have The Right To Bear Arms

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Should gun laws be tightened? Should children be taught gun safety? Should it be harder to purchase firearms? These are all questions that have been talked about a lot lately. Some people think that we should ban all guns and gun laws should be tightened. I believe that we should not tighten gun laws. Instead every American citizen should have the right to bare arms easily.
The Second Amendment clearly says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms”. This Amendment was created in 1791. So why should it be changed now? Some people believe that it should be changed because it threatens our safety, but I believe that it protects us. There have been many shootings where the shooter was brought down by a person with a concealed weapons permit that was not a police officer. If the person with the concealed weapon had not been their to stop them then the shooters could have killed more people. The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by the police is 14.29 and the average number of people that are killed in a mass shooting when stopped by civilians is 2.33. This shows that it is good to have guns and if we take them away more people may die in …show more content…

No matter what, it all comes down to money.hunting is a huge money maker for the government and also private businesses. Their is about 11 million big game hunters. The average big game hunter spends about eight hundred and sixty dollars on hunting trips a year. These trips last for about eight to twelve days. The taxes on tag sales increase every year increasing the expense. There are a lot of hunters and very few lives of animals taken. Only one percent of hunters actually get game. At a price of only sixty dollars a tag, there 's only sixty dollars worth of game killed for every six thousand dollars in tag sales which goes to the government. Hunters also buy equipment which helps private businesses and retailers. Hunting is a massive business that doesn 't just benefit the hunter, but many

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