Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control On February 14, 2018 seventeen innocent people were shot and killed at a school in Parkland Florida. The shooter being over the age of eighteen, legally purchased the gun that caused this massacre, back in February of 2017. The federal law states, anyone with a clean criminal record over the age of eighteen can legally purchase a gun. This brings people to wonder, is our gun control enough? Should there be more? This is a common debate all across America, weighing whether or not gun control will benefit the safety of men and women. Both sides have expressed strong, yet different views about gun control. Many people believe that controlling the types of guns being sold will help prevent mass casualties. Guns that hold more ammunition have more shots that could result in more kills. For example, when perpetrators use high capacity magazines or assault weapons, it results in 47% more deaths (Everytown Research). Not allowing these high powering magazines to be sold or having higher regulations to who they are sold to, can decrease mass shootings. This would result in a safer environment. Similarly, bettering the control of who the guns are being sold to would prevent the guns from getting in the hands of the wrong people. For instance, requiring yearly background checks for anyone who purchases any type of gun would add more control to these weapons being in the proper hands. In states that require a background check for all handgun sales, had 52% fewer mass

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