Why Do People Use Electronic Cigarettes?

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Electronic cigarettes are big issues. An electronic cigarette is a cartridge in the form of an ordinary cigarette battery powered and contains a mixture of liquids, including propylene glycol, glycerin plant materials, nicotine, and different flavors. Electronic cigarettes are long tube-like devices that look like traditional cigarettes; some of them resemble a ballpoint pen. Electronic cigarettes are either going to save millions of lives by helping people quit smoking, or they are going to destroy millions of lives by luring children and young people into the habit. Electronic cigarettes provide the smoker with an experience like cigarette smoking and help smokers to quit more easily. But at the same time a smoker has turned to electronic cigarettes addiction, which does not guarantee the process of quitting nicotine completely that electronic cigarettes do not help people quit smoking. People thought that the e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) help smokers to quit smoking, but it is not enough to help them. E-cigarettes and smoking tobacco have the same risks, but it takes long time to see and feel what happen. Doctor Mayo said, “Mayo Clinic doctors don’t recommend e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking or as a method to stop smoking. No scientific studies have shown that e-cigarettes are safe to use or affective in helping smokers stop smoking. Doctor Mayo recommended” (Mayo Foundation 1). E-cigarette’s popularity is…show more content…
There are no studies and confirmed reports about results, but may have adverse health effects in the long time. Each contains nicotine, which is a harmful substance to the human body, some of it does not contain nicotine, making it easier for the children. People should to use these cigarettes but with caution, and do not smoke too much. If you continue to smoke e-cigarettes, you will be in danger. Step by steps you must quit
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