Why Smoking Is Bad

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A recent problem developed in society, which is deemed to be “cool”, is called vaping. Originally, it was made to help smokers quit smoking. Although recently we have seen otherwise. As Rebecca J. Frey had written in an article, “Unsurprisingly, the exponential increase in the popularity of e-cigarettes in just a few years has led to calls for government regulation,” (Frey). Frey is saying that because of the very sudden uprise and popularity of e-cigarettes and Vaping caused the government to do something about them. The government stepped in, knowing that the idea is similar to smoking, which is known to cause many different harmful things such as tar build up in the lungs, breathing problems, and even lung cancer. “Conducting a school-based…show more content…
One of the most known difference is that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. This is why most people choose vaping over smoking because the tobacco causes tar buildup, while the e-cigarettes do not do that. Also, e-cigarettes contain much less nicotine than cigarettes and cigars; “Nicotine is a highly addictive drug found in e-cigarettes. Withdrawal symptoms can happen when you quit using e-cigarettes. This can make it hard to quit using them. Examples of withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, irritability, trouble sleeping, and increased appetite,”(Truven Health). This says that once started, the nicotine will keep you from stopping the e-cigarettes. Although, if the decision made is to quit, then it will cause many side effects. Even though there is less nicotine, it does not mean that it is not addictive. It is also very easy to get nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes. The juice containers contain nicotine, so if the liquid is directly ingested or exposed to the skin, then it gives a high chance of nicotine poisoning to the user. E-cigarettes were originally made to help get off of smoking by giving less nicotine and possibly lowering the health risks, although that is not certain yet. “To be useful for smoking cessation, she explained, a device would need to consistently deliver enough nicotine to enable the smoker to fend off withdrawal symptoms but not so much that the wish to quit…show more content…
Second hand smoking could also be a future danger with these as well as they were with regular cigarettes. Even though they may seem less dangerous, they still contain one of the most addictive parts of a cigarette, which is nicotine, and it will keep the user coming back to it. If the cartridges of juice that go in the e-cigarette comes in contact with skin or if it is ingested, then their are high chances of getting nicotine poisoning because of direct contact with the chemical. E-cigarettes also have been made with sweet or fruity flavors, and these kinds of things can entice young people to try e-cigarettes. These brought in so many young people that they needed to be heavily regulated. E-cigarettes are also very expensive, almost as much as regular cigarettes can build up to. Overall, e-cigarettes are slowly starting to show themselves as more and more dangerous, so they are not that much better than what they originate from, the

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