Argumentative Essay On Camel Cigarettes

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In the minute-long commercial produced by R.J Reynolds Manufacturing company in the 1950’s, the Camel cigarette company advertises the use of Camel cigarettes to the public. The company attempts to appeal to American ideals such as wealth and patriotism in order to convince the public that the usage of cigarettes is an American way of life. Camel appeals to the American public attempting to convince them that cigarettes are promoted by health officials and are an American icon through the use of misrepresentations of physicians, male gaze, and patriotic messages.
The Camel cigarette company depicts a woman lavishly dressed in order to portray the idea that cigarettes are a high class item. On the onset of the commercial, an elegant woman is displayed inside of a room. The woman strikes a pose, conveying the idea that she is a famous actress. Displayed in a fur coat with a cigarette in her hand, the woman appeals to the American ideal of fame and fortune. Her glance, at first, is looking away from the camera but the actress then moves her head to face the camera, as if she was modeling for a photo shoot. Maura looney claims, “Americans are fascinated with money and lavish lifestyles” (Looney). The American dream is to become wealthy and live an extravagant lifestyle. The …show more content…

The Camel name is not native to the United states, and even camels themselves are foreign to this country. Phil Edward observes “[Camel] included Turkish tobacco in their blends. That’s how Camel got its name—to emphasize the exotic Far East connection and inform the consumer of the taste” (Edwards). The camel is native to the country of Turkey, and since Camel cigarettes uses tobacco from Turkey in their cigarettes it suits them well to have a nonnative name like Camel. The company displays heightened nationalism in order to oppose their foreign roots and appeal to the American

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