Chesterfield Cigarettes Analysis

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Chesterfield cigarettes were a brand that was commonly bought by smokers in 90s since it satisfied the people and can still exist today. This cigarette company was one of the primary sponsors of radio and TV programs, which explains why Arthur Godfrey would promote these cigarettes since he was a famous radio and television broadcaster. The Chesterfield cigarette advertisement uses bold headlines, an image of Arthur Godfrey smoking a cigarette, an image of Chesterfield cigarettes, and statistics to suggest that there is no health consequences from smoking a cigarette and that every smoker should buy the brand Chesterfield since it's the best. Chesterfield was one of the most recognized brand of cigarettes in the early and mid 20th century which were manufactured in the 90s and continue to be made to this day, but are more popular in Europe since the U.S. has stopped advertising this product for years. Sales of Chesterfield cigarettes have declined steadily over the years. The bold headlines in the advertisement lead the viewer to read the headline…show more content…
It is common to see advertisements that promote smoking and ensure that there is not health problems caused by cigarettes. Although, now that there is more technology and further research has been conducted we can conclude that smoking can cause health problems. Even with this information known about the advertising techniques of Chesterfield cigarettes it will never stop the company from manufacturing cigarettes, since these industries gain lot of money and won't stop just because a person decides to smoke that cigarettes that they are selling. Advertisement choose specific elements in their ads to draw the attention of the audience. In this particular ad they use the image Arthur Godfrey since he was famous in that era, and it was likely that people would listen to his promotion of smoking chesterfield cigarettes even if he didn't really like the
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