Electronic Cigarette Vs Plain Cigarette Comparison

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Everybody around this fine nation has been wondering what is the real difference is between the E-cigarette and just the plain cigarette. Well, what is it? There is mixed emotions for this topic and if you plan to use these products or are already addicted to these products then this essay will let you think more about this topic and how it may affect your life as a whole. Many consequences may come with using these products as both may lead to health issues, your popularity as a whole, and how it may affect the people around you that you love. At this given time in this essay I believe both of these products are bad in a multitude of different reasons. For this first paragraph I am going to talk about the plain ole cigarette. This product has been used since the Mayan and Aztec people in the 9th century, so they have been around for a while. That is the reason why we know most of the health issues involving the cigarette. Some health issues include various types of cancer, lung damage, strokes, and chronic bronchitis. It can also be very harmful for the environment. Some environmental risks include the butts of the cigarettes making the soil nutrients deteriorate over time and also commonly cause wildfires. The way people look at you may be different as well. If you like it or not people look at you different if …show more content…

E-Cigarettes are cheaper than the normal cigarettes and there are a lot more health issues involving cigarettes, then there are E-cigarettes. Also, E-cigarettes are better for the environment then a cigarette as the cigarette butts get in the ground and ruin the nutrients. Without any more time wasting I am going to choose E-cigarettes over cigarettes because of all the lives it is saving from addiction and are overall better for every person around and the whole entire

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