Explain Why Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

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Biniah Carter Mr Ellington 1A Why Should Smoking Be Banned From Public Places? I think smoking should be banned from public places because not only does it affect the smoker but it also affect anyone that is close by if a child lives in a home with a smoker it can cause the child to develop asthma, lung disease, heart disease, etc. Smoking should be banned in public places for many reason many people do not like the smell of smoke nor want the smell of the smoke to get into their clothes. Smoking also affects the environment. For an example if someone is outside smoking outside near a restaurant and a family wants to sit outside and eat it can affect the family that is eating also if they have kids with them. Usually people look for places where no smokers are so thats why smoking should be banned from all public places. Some people also would not like for there kids to get influenced by others people smoking or to imitate it. The more children are exposed to smoking the more likely they will become smokers. Moreover, passive smoking is also a major concern today. Research shows that people that do not smoke can suffer from health problems if they spend long periods of time among people who do …show more content…

The Supreme court banned smoking is some areas. I think smoking should be banned from all public places because of the disease that it can cause and all the harm it can do to people. People should have the right to walk wherever they want without being around the affects of someone smoking outside or worrying about having their life put in danger. If everyone make a campaign against smoking it can soon possibly get banned from all public places. I would start a campaign and try to get the attention from the government to have smoking banned so no one gets harmed or have to walk outside smelling the smell of

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