Summary: The War On Drugs

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The main reason why I chose to include this as a piece of evidence, was to show that there are steps in the system that are flawed. As the title of the article suggested, $2 roadside drug tests are performed on suspected drugs found inside the car. Many of these tests produce false positives, and yet prosecutors across the country still continue to use them. The kits cost around $2 each, and have changed little since 1973. The story also provided an example of a women name Amy Albritton that was a victim of this drug test, as an officer claimed that he had seen a crumb of crack-cocaine. The officer pulled out the drug test, and because of how cold it was that night, the cold weather slowed the colver development, throwing off a red flag in the officer 's eyes. Albritton was cuffed, and arrested for possession of crack cocaine, charges that were later dropped. Hopefully I will be able to integrate this into my essay, as it provides a prime example of how something so miniscule, can deeply affect someone 's life.

Extreme Smuggling
Aragon, Carlos, director. “Extreme Smuggling.” Discovery Channel, 14 Jan. 2013, This documentary gave me an inside look on what …show more content…

It provides various statistics about drug users as well as a brief overview of the drug smuggling situation in Mexico. The article is clearly biased against America’s actions to prevent drug use. I plan to actively use this information to fully prove that steps we have taken in the past just aren’t working, the number of drug users keep rising as years pass. If we can show drug dealers that just because they were in a certain situation, doesn’t mean that can’t get out of it. We were all put on this world for a reason, and I can almost guarantee that there reason was not to distribute illegal

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