War On Drugs Dbq

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Chapter two introduces the policy problems related to the War on Drugs, as well as other policies that banned or limited other use of alcohol and drugs. Authors start with the history of the regulations of mood altering substances that began in colonial times, and then it escalated with “The Father of Modern Drug Enforcement”, Dr. Hamilton Wright. President Roosevelt assigned him to be the first Opium Drug Commissioner of the United States. Dr. Wright saw drugs as a big problem, according to the text the drug prohibitions started with his opinions on limiting drug use. In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug Act was signed and required the labeling of the ingredients of the products. There were other acts signed after that period, first we had The Harrison …show more content…

Prohibition increased the amount of crime taking place in american cities, murder, burglary and assault rates increased with the creation of the black market for illegal then substances. Creation of prohibition “helped” in creation of more potent alcohol, young people were exposed to harder liquors that were harmful to their health, due to the fact there was none legal labeling on the alcohol bottles. The current war on drugs had even more drastic results, government started to put more people in jail for not violent crimes, jails started to be filled with inmates that have used the drugs. The drug use policy that is enforced now and the method it uses consist of three parts; first is prevention intervention, second is treatment, and the third one enforcement interventions. The war on drugs in United States limited the tax revenue for the country, and it makes our country looks bad when to compare with other nations; US has the highest incarceration rates on this planet, even though its the country to promote

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