What Were Al Capone's Accomplishments

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Guns, gangs, women, alcohol, gambling, are just some things that come to mind when I hear prohibition. According to the online source American History, The Prohibition is the act of prohibiting the manufacturing, storage, transportation, and sale of alcohol, including any alcoholic beverage. This led to the biggest crime rates of all time. At the head of all the crime was one man. His name, Alphonse Capone aka (Scarface) . “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” This was Al Capone’s favorite saying. Which summarizes his can do attitude and how he expects things to get done. Al Capone was born January 25, 1899 and died January 25,1947. Although Capone’s life was short, he impacted America more…show more content…
After being kicked out he eventually found Johnny Torrio who would change Al Capone’s life forever. He helped Jonny run drugs to woman to anything illegal. During one of his escapades Capone met another gangster who was from the opposite side of town who cut Capone’s left cheek and left a long scar. Which eventually he got his name Scarface. Torrio Eventually moved to Chicago to run a whorehouse in 1909. Ten years later Torrio asked Capone to Join him. Frankie Yale or Capone were thought to have killed Torrio 's boss Big Jim Colosimo. Since Big Jim died that means Torrio was in charge of everything. During this the Prohibition began, and then prompting the mafia to start bootlegging. Bootlegging is when someone attempts to sell make or trade alcohol illegally. During the the Mafia including Torrio and Capone got stupid rich. Once Torrio had crazy money he eventually retired from the mafia in 1925 giving Prostitution, gambling, bootlegging and other illegal activities to the one and only Al Capone aka (scarface). This was the start of organized crime in the…show more content…
Capone was smart about how he appeared in the public and in media he always wore suits and pulled it off by acting like a respectable businessman. Capone had a secret bootlegging trail from Chicago to New York. This trail made Capone more money than he ever dreamed of. But during a one of the bootlegging runs McSwiggen got shot and killed by one of Capone’s henchmen. Nobody got convicted due to lack of evidence. Capone kept bootlegging and making money. Everything was going good and Capone had everything under control besides the few gangs that kept on trying to take his turf. So eventually Capone got tired of it and ordered them to get executed. Thus leading to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The plan was to get a bootlegger to lure Bugs Moran and his gang to a back alley where Capone 's men would dress like police officers and take the gangs guns then open fire and kill everyone. Just one small hiccup. Bugs Moran saw the Cop car before anyone else and ran away before capone 's men could kill him. Capone being smart planned his vacation and left when this was happening but the police and the media knew it was his planning. This made Capone famous. When he came back he thought two of his partners betrayed him so he casually asked them to come over and eat before he beat them to death with a baseball

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