Al Capone: A Successful Leader

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Al Capone was the most well known bosses there was. He was a very impactful leader. From eliminating rival gangs to running a successful alcohol business Al Capone did it all. Al Capone was a predator, people who got in his way were his prey. He did not just kill people to get what he wanted, he was successful in large crime organizations. Many say he had an evil heart but truly had a kind heart He was a very generous man. Some people thought of him as a modern day Robin Hood. He would help the needy by getting what the needed form the bad. He went from having rival gangs being tortured and killed, to running his alcohol business, to being the most notorious mobsters of all time.

Al Capone eliminated rival gangs and ran a successful alcohol
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He showed Al how to run successful business and be a great leader. Al took this all in. The leadership of Al Capone was grand. Although most of his time was spent on his bootleg business and killing people, he was a great leader. Al Capone led his men to help him with the bootleg business and his fights with rival gangs. He started his bootleg business very young, he started to build up his business to become more successful This did cause some of his men to die or get injured very bad. Al Capone and his men did not cooperate with the police. But they did not care Al Capone was the best man there was in there eyes. They also did not want to get on his bad side. If they did they were destined to die. Al Capone was a clever man. He could get out of any situation with the police. Although he was arrested many times throughout his lifetime. After spending four-and-a-half years at Alcatraz, Capone was transferred on January 6, 1939, to a hospital at the Federal Correctional Institution in Los Angeles. A few months after that Capone was transferred to a penitentiary in Lewis burg,…show more content…
Although, Al Capone did have an evil heart he was generous. During the time of Al Capone, the Great Depression was going on. The Great Depression was a very dark time for the poor people. People would be dead on the streets, and dying of illness, but Al Capone helped them. He would hand out blankets and coal to the needy during the cold winters. He opened some of the first soap kitchens. This made people see him as a better person. Why did Al Capone kill people and then help the needy people ? That will be a question we will never get answered. His heart to me was split in half. Half of his heart was ready to torture or kill anyone who got on his bad side, then the other half kind and wanted to help people in need. Yes, he through some of his money around for dumb thing, but he didm;t have to spend his money on other people. His legacy was left as a cold-blood killer but then a generous

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