Al Capone's Accomplishments

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“Renowned as America's first Public Enemy No. 1, Capone came to Chicago in 1919 at the age of twenty and within three years became one of the city's most successful gangsters” (Karamanski). In other words, Al Capone had become in a short time frame become the most dangerous man in Chicago during the 1920s and everyone’s attention was turned towards him. His gang had become the most powerful gang to have ever existed in the city and to do that Al Capone had been able to find ways to stay undetected by the police force and even the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation). Everytime that they came close to catching him he always had an alibi and proof to back up what it was he claimed he was doing or where ever it was that he had claimed to …show more content…

As Sifakis had stated, "Capone appreciated any man provided he was a hustler, crook or killer, and he never discriminated against any of them because of their religion, race or national origin, being perhaps the underworld's first equal opportunity employer.” In addition, Al had given many people jobs working for him as long as they could handle what he had wanted them to do, no matter the religion they followed or what their background was like. Therefore, he had gotten many people that may have been homeless or were in search of a new job and given them a job that they may have enjoyed doing, which had decreased the unemployment rate a little for the area. "He had to become a top executive, bossing a firm employing more than 1,000 persons with a weekly payroll of over $300,000" (Sifakis). He had given the people that he had employed roughly 300 dollars weekly, so in order to make that happen, he had to make sure that he was also making plenty of money. Although he had given people jobs, he had given them a plenty of money, which today is roughly $3,700.04, and it wasn’t common to receive that amount of money in the twenties. Al Capone was actually a generous guy to the citizens of Chicago, which typically goes unnoticed by many, but he was able to give people a stable job where they had earned more than enough

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