Al Capone Essays

  • Al Capone Legacy

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    Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend is an intensely detailed biography about the infamous man who, by illegal means ran the city of Chicago throughout the decade known as the “roaring 20s”. The account begins by telling the story of Al’s parents, and how they immigrated to Brooklyn in 1895. A large influx of immigrants entered through Ellis Island in search of a better life and the Capone’s were no anomaly. Using vast amounts of detail, the author explains Mr. Capone’s stardom and his rise to

  • Al Capone Thesis

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    Al Capone was responsible for the state of lawlessness in Chicago between 1920 and1931 which endangered and damaged his reputation and public image. However, he is justified in his actions because he wanted to be the best gangster in the state of Chicago. He made many enemies whilst being in his small-time and full time gangs, including Bugs Moran, who was the leader of the North Side Gang- which was the main rival gang of the Five Point Gang of which Capone was the seven year leader. Alphonse Gabriel

  • Al Capone Biography Essay

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    Al Capone was so good at what he did the U.S.A government confiscated his cadillac and used it as a president’s limousine. Al Capone was an American Gangster that thrived in the 1920s and 30s that changed the way people look at gangsters in American History. Al Capone made huge impacts now and then, making huge profits and dead bodies while making a future for himself in Hollywood. Al Capone was forged by the people he met and his misuse in his actions. Al Capone was a good student but he often

  • Al Capone: An Infamous Gangster

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    What do you think when you hear the name Al Capone? I, along with many others, think of the middle-aged gangster who caused numerous deaths and deserved an exceeding amount of jail time for the crimes he committed. One may never think of his life as a child or the fact that he hated his well-known nickname, Scarface. The focal point of this paper is to inform you, the reader, not only of the common knowledge of this infamous gangster but of the information unknown to most including vivid details

  • Al Capone: The Chicago Gangster

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    Al Capone, Chicago gangster, killed many people and was never caught for his mob crimes, but he went to the most maximum security prison in the United States for tax evasion. Al Capone started getting involved with criminal activitiess at a young age and got into a gang activity. Al Capone started doing bad stuff when he was young but it wasn’t very large compared to what he would do as a adult.. And-not supposed to start sentence with and he was also involved with some gang activity (MacNee, 1998)

  • Al Capone Thesis Statement

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    Al Capone and His Criminal Lifestyle Write your thesis statement in one paragraph. Al Capone shows an example of the social process theory. Al was arrested for tax evasion. Apparently back in the day the FBI could not arrest Al for prohibition violations, and the murdering of seven gangland members. He came from an Italian background in poverty. It is very possible the reasoning behind his criminal actions was because he was raised in poverty and was uneducated. His environment, schooling, and

  • Al Capone Organized Crime

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    crimes increased due to it being the only way for gangsters to solve unsettled issues with one another. One of the most famous gangsters of the time arrived in Chicago just as Prohibition had began- Al Capone. Al Capone inherited the leadership of the Torrio Gang when he arrived in Chicago in 1920. Al Capone

  • Al Capone: Gangster In The 1920's

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    Al Capone Mobsters was a term that describes a group of gangsters in the 1920’s. Gambling, Prostitution, and Murder went hand in hand with the term of mobster. Every mafia group has a leader. Al Capone was a dangerous mobster who was a Mafia crime lord and had took part in illegal alcohol, illegal drugs, prostitution, and illegal gambling during the 1920s (History). Al Capone didn 't start off in nice well made home as a boy, young Capone had lived with his family in a very poor tenement, with his

  • Al Capone: The American Gangster Legend

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    Al Capone: the American Gangster Legend “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone”- this is a quote Al Capone said and a quote that represents him completely. He was a gangster around the Prohibition Act of 1919 and the Great Depression era. For being one of the greatest gangsters of all time he was a kind guy, but he was not scared to use his gun. With the business he was doing, killing people was something that came with it. Al Capone is a legendary

  • Al Capone: A Ruthless Man In Chicago

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    1899--Alphonse Gabriel Capone. Living with his mother and father, Teresina and Gabriele, along with his older brothers Vincenzo and Raffaele, his family moved to a poor tenement in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Growing up, Capone never exhibited any signs of becoming the master criminal known about today (Biography 1). Al Capone became notorious for holding Chicago in the palm of his hand, controlling the police, judges and the politicians while spreading vice throughout the city. Capone was a promising

  • Al Capone: A Famous American Gangster

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    One of the most famous American gangsters, Al Capone, also known as "Scarface," rose to infamy as the leader of the Chicago Outfit during the Prohibition era. Before being sent to Alcatraz Prison in 1934 for a tax evasion conviction, he had amassed a personal fortune estimated at $100 million as the head of the infamous crime syndicate. Early Years Far from being a poor immigrant from Italy who turned to crime for making a living, Al Capone, born January 17, 1899, was from a respectable and professional

  • Al Capone: America's Multiple Crimes

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    many illegal activities at the time was Al Capone. In addition, the Mafia rose with gambling, bootlegging, and illegal marketing. After World War II, Congress submitted the eighteenth amendment. The eighteenth amendment consisted of the banning of selling or manufacturing alcohol. The eighteenth amendment was passed in January 29,1919 after the approval of thirty-six states. Along with the eighteenth amendment

  • How Did Al Capone Contribute To Crime

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    Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899. Al Capone was an american mobster, crime boss, and business man during the Prohibition Era. He is known as the most famous criminal from his time. (1899-1947) Al Capone’s mom and dad met in Italy before Capone was born. When his parents got married, they decided that they could find a better life in America. When they got to America with four of Al Capone’s siblings, they had no money. So, when Capone was born he was born into a poor immigrant family

  • The Life Of Al Capone: Valentine's Day Massacre

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    Al Capone It could be said that Al Capone unknowingly started the cosplay craze. During his reign over Chicago’s criminal network, Capone would sometimes have his henchmen disguise themselves while doing a job. Al Capone was a powerful and dangerous gangster because at a young age, he joined his first gang; he caused the Valentine's Day Massacre; and after being found guilty for other crimes, was sent to Alcatraz. One of the things that made Al Capone was dangerous, was the fact that he spent

  • How Did Al Capone Cause Crime

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    famous men to run these clubs was Alphonse Capone. Al Capone was one of the most successful and influential gangsters in US history. Al Capone created a multi-million dollar empire of crime in Chicago, altered the face of crime, and managed to be a family man simultaneously. Alphonse Capone was born on January 17, 1899, into an Italian immigrant family living in a tenement in Brooklyn, New York. Al Capone is unique in that he was not

  • How Did Al Capone Rise To Power

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    Al Capone During the 1920’s the government was cracking down on the distribution of alcohol, they thought that banning alcohol would reduce crime rates, unfortunately the opposite. Men like Al Capone rose to power and sold alcohol, even though it was banned. Al Capone and many others like him started participating in organized crime. In the process of Al Capone rising to power he made allies and enemies. Al Capone was historically significant, because his childhood highly affected his actions as

  • How Is Al Capone Influenced By Organized Crime

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    Al Capone Organized crime had really spurred and increased exponentially during the 1920s due to the unrealistic laws laid down at the time. Gangs were usually the perpetrators and organizers of these committed crimes. Al Capone was in the mix of these gangs and was very notorious for his savage personality. Al Capone was a radical man who led a pretty interesting life, committing many crimes for which he was never held accounted. Al Capone comes from an extremely poor family, who were from Angri

  • How Did Al Capone Cause Organized Crime

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    In, 1899, Al Capone was born, to two poor Italian immigrants, in Brooklyn, New York. Al grew up in Brooklyn, and at an early age began getting involved in crimes. He became an apprentice to John Torrio a notorious gang leader. As prohibition deepened, his involvement in organized crime, became a lot greater. As time went on John Torrio, handed over the reigns to Al Capone himself. At the time prohibition was in full effect, which was the main cause of organized crime. His organized gang was involved

  • Al Capone: Who Was Al Capone?

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    Who was Al Capone? Who was Al Capone? Alphonse Capone, who became known as “Scarface” was born on January 17, 1899. His parents, along with two brothers immigrated from Italy in 1894. He rose to notoriety as the leader of the Chicago mafia during the Prohibition era. He had a personal fortune estimated at 100 million dollars as the head of the infamous crime syndicate. He was sent to prison in 1934 for tax evasion. He was a significant figure in the world of organized crime. Al Capone was one

  • Al Capone: A Successful Leader

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    Al Capone was the most well known bosses there was. He was a very impactful leader. From eliminating rival gangs to running a successful alcohol business Al Capone did it all. Al Capone was a predator, people who got in his way were his prey. He did not just kill people to get what he wanted, he was successful in large crime organizations. Many say he had an evil heart but truly had a kind heart He was a very generous man. Some people thought of him as a modern day Robin Hood. He would help the