Annotated Bibliography On Sex Trafficking

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Annotated Bibliography
Baird, Danica. “Changing the Narrative: Sex Trafficking and Its Victims.” BYU Journal of Public Law, vol. 33, no. 2, June 2019.
This book discusses the flaws that America has when talking about human trafficking, as well as the shortcomings within the Justice System regarding procedures, policies, and prosecution, and outcomes for human trafficking victims. The book opens with stating the amount of money made within human trafficking and then continues to add on from this topic about the amount of people being trafficked. These two factors then let the author continue to discuss the errors and inequities within the Justice System as well as the overall lack of intervention and support to help people who are being trafficked. …show more content…

Data from these journals provide insight on the amount of people being trafficked and how many are able to be rescued from the treacherous cycle of trafficking. Having these numbers allows me to form a better argument, because of having statistics that are able to appeal to logos. Lastly, I am given specifics about the growing amount of people being trafficked, although that may sound like a poor use of information; it is not. I can use the specifics regarding the growing amount to corroborate the source below and the source above to form a more firm …show more content…

When a trafficked person tries to find help they are often unable to receive the help they need because of the poor opinions that are placed on those associated with human trafficking. As the author continued their research they soon realized that many healthcare providers, social workers and law enforcement have biases influencing their interactions with those associated with human trafficking. These conscious and subconscious biases lead to many people who are being trafficked to not get the help that they need and

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