Human Trafficking Thesis Statement

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Human trafficking produces billions of dollars in profit every year, it is right behind drug trafficking as the most lucrative form of crime throughout the world. (DHS website). Victims of human trafficking rarely come forward due to the threats of murder, threats of killing their loved ones/friends, as well as having nowhere else to go because they have been ostracized from their own family and their “pimp” is their family. Another issue of why victims do not come forward is that they are afraid of law enforcement so they may go to jail, etc. (DHS website) Thesis Statement When people think of human trafficking, many people think of just sex trafficking, but human trafficking also includes labor trafficking, which means being forced to …show more content…

In the United States, human trafficking has taken on different forms than what is normally thought of as human trafficking. It can range from a migrant laborer wanting to get a job to be able to support his family to survive who is then forced into manipulative work to a child running away to get away from abuse that is happening at home and the person that is helping the child get away from the abusive situation at home turns out to be exploiting him or her to make a profit (Farrell et al, 2014). According the International Labour Organization has estimated that 20.9 million people are involved in human trafficking in the whole world, with 1.5 million victims are in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. In 2011, there were 3,969 convictions worldwide, and there were only 151 convictions in the United States. There is belief that the reason why for the low convictions of human trafficking in the United States is because the new requirements of federal and state human trafficking laws are not being enforced, but others are saying that the numbers of human trafficking are overstated and that there are fewer victims than estimated. The low numbers of victims could also be a result of professionals not being able to identify human trafficking victims when they interact with the

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