Stop Human Trafficking Essay

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The world has gone through a lot of major events in the past. However, there is still darkness in the background that people are ignoring. Human trafficking needs to be talked about more. The lost souls of the people that who were taken, are still roaming. They deserve their justice. All around the world human trafficking exists and there needs to be a stop to it. Human Trafficking is a national problem because current laws are ineffective and therefore action needs to be taken to reduce the problem. Human Trafficking became our modern day slavery. Victims being forced into labor, being drug camels, and solicitation. Slavery has brought sadness to the world and yet aren’t realizing that the people being trafficked are becoming slaves. White slavery correlates to human trafficking, due to helping women and their rights. White slavery means “ the procurement – by use of force, deceit or drugs – of a white woman or a girl against her will for prostitution (“ A Short” p.1)”.Victims are often taken to warehouses that are abandoned, so they won’t get caught . Traffickers will usually take a victim across a border so, the policies jurisdictions don’t make connections. Exploiters claim that, “more than 150 billion each year (“Who Are Human Traffickers” p.1)”. Often times the exploiters that are involved are business owners. They rely …show more content…

Human trafficking has become our modern day slavery, and we are slowly going back in time. Everyone is human and they all have rights. Victims have to deal with the aftermath when they get rescued. They never know what is going to happen when they return home and the same for the children that are taken back to their families. Human trafficking should have a harder law if someone is caught having women and children for forced labor, ad solicitation. Having laws being enforced a lot more can cut down on human trafficking, and it can be saving someone’s life each

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