Sex Offender Registry Research Paper

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Crystal Mew
Professor Grant
Intro to Justice Studies
February 28,2018

Over the past few decades many laws have instituted in order to deter and prevent sexual violence. The most prominent method of doing so incorporates requiring sex-offenders to register. This registry is a system intended to enable government officials to monitor the activities of convicted offenders. Enlistment is also sometimes accompanied by additional restrictions including housing, being in the presence of minors, living in close proximity of a school, owning items targeted towards children, or even using the internet. However, the effectiveness of the registry deterring crime is not what it is perceived to be.
The awareness of sex offenders
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However, it cannot guarantee that a sex offender registrant would never reoffend. What it has done is what it was intended to do, increase public awareness of sex offenders and the danger they pose. It has also increased communication about offenders between the criminal justice system, the Department of Corrections, local law enforcement, and the community. It has established a database link between local and state law enforcement agencies and offered victims access to information about the sex offender who committed crimes against them. (Jon E,…show more content…
Sex offenders are still a threat to society and the registry is a precautionary measure that can aid in keeping communities safer. However, since it does not deter crime legislators need to find a more efficient method of reducing sexual offenses.

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