Flawed Criminal Justice Policy Summary

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Chapter Eight of the book Flawed Criminal Justice Policies, authors take the closer look at the laws and faulty policy regarding the sex offenders. According to the book policy makers started the myriad laws to protect the public from the sex offenders with increased prison sentences, and restricting the residences to the violators. Today we have very similar situation when it comes to treatment of sexual offenders. The process starts with the sex offender being committed to the prison sentence, and lastly to being registered as a sex offender on many public websites, so that the people could distinguish who the sex offender is and where he/she lives. In this chapter we can learn about a lot of different statues that were made to protect people from the sex offenders. Some of them include Community Protection Act of 1990 passed in Washington State, which was the first public policy made to release the information about any sex offenders released to the public. Next statues as follow; Jacob Wetterling crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Predator Program of 1994, which was inspired by an actual abduction of a young boy. …show more content…

The main reason for implementing policies that would actually work is to make the streets, and cities safe for children. There are a lot of states that already do thing differently and other states should allow those policies to be implemented into different federal levels. For example GPS monitoring the most violent predators. We should have strict housing proposals for protecting neighborhoods with large numbers of youth. According to the book we need to change the current policies and statues to make them work better toward protecting our communities. The most important change should be made to make all the policies actually work together, each statue should work on something specific, and not overtaking other policy

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