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  • Sex Offender Registers

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    Public Sex Offender Registers: The Concept of Community Notification Community notification laws authorise the public disclosure of a convicted sex offender’s information, (such as their name, address, offending history, car registration etc.) to anyone who has access to the Internet. Community notification should not be confused with basic registration of sex offenders, because register records are usually not made public. However a number of commentators have suggested that merely registering

  • Essay On Sex Offenders

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    Community correctional officers can supervise individual sex offenders with a number of different strategies. The sex offender requires certain supervisions as well as different treatments. For community correctional officers to monitor these sex offenders with personalized supervision plans there has been electronic monitoring. For those offenders who are considered “high risk” offenders there has been a near-real time monitoring, which has an active GPS and a passive GPS are used on those with

  • Sex Offender Recidivism Report

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    Overview Recidivism in sex offenders returning to the community consistently remains a constant concern for society. Recent studies have directed in the direction of guidelines for professionals evaluating sex offenders with exclusive attention on identifying sexual recidivism as a whole. Clinicians must approach sex offender testing with caution; there is not an exact method of predicting sexually deviant behavior with 100 percent accuracy. However, multiple assessments have demonstrated the ability

  • Sex Offender Recidivism Analysis

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    to look at recidivism rates among adult and juvenile sex offenders, and male and female sex offenders, in order to better understand who is likely to recidivate and why. The first article, Sex Offenders and Sex Crime Recidivism, by Kristen Budd and Scott Desmond looks at the relationship between criminal justice sanctions and recidivism among sex offenders. In the United States, the recent trend has been to incarcerate and sentence sex offenders to longer prison terms than in the past. The purpose

  • Essay On Sex Offender Registry

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    I feel that the sex offender registry is has gotten out of hand. I feel that it should be for certain offenders that have been psychiatrically evaluated over time while they are in prison and in regards to the type of crime they committed. The registries now are so cluttered with "offenders" who would never repeat offend due to the situation such as a statutory rape conviction which is usually one person over 18 and the victim within 2-3 years age difference. It ruins that person's life sometimes

  • Facts About Sex Offenders

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    Sex offenders, typically male, but can be female, about 25% of child victimizers were 40 years old or older. 71% of male offenders are under the age of 35. Most studies we found only dealt with statistics about whites, African Americans, and Latinos. White sex offenders are found to have a closer relationship with their victim, and are more likely to use force. African American offenders are more likely to engage in vaginal rape and become more violent with their victims. Latino offenders are more

  • Sex Offenders In Prison Analysis

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    INTRODUCTION The phrase sex offenders automatically puts a chill down people’s spine due to the nature of the crimes that they commit. According to the Associated Press (2015), in the politics of prison, “sex offenders are marked men because they account for a disproportionate number of victims. To elaborate, in California, these types of prisoners are killed at a rate that is double the national average, most of the time by violence-prone cell mates or by the general prison population”. Sex criminals do not

  • Sex Offenders Argumentative Essay

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    Many ask should offenders have the right to live near schools, parks or daycares after serving their time for the offense. This is one of the most emotionally debated issues in criminal law today. How to manage the risk of sexual offenders being rehabilitated back into the community? “Beyond mandatory registration and community notification, over a dozen states have enacted residency restrictions that forbid sex offenders from living within a certain distance of schools, parks, day care centers,

  • Electronic Monitoring On Sex Offenders Essay

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    Electronic Monitoring on Offenders The comfort of EM devices has been questionable to offenders. The monitoring potential keeps offenders from considering to escape the confines of their home. There are officials in charge of monitoring parolees on EM to make sure offenders are adequately serving the terms of their parole. Offenders jokingly argue that EM to those who have nothing to lose is a complement and for those who do not want to lose their family, EM serves its purpose. Offenders enjoy the luxury

  • How Do Sex Offenders Return To Prison

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    Research shows that fewer than 8 percent of the sex offenders completing the Sexual Offender Treatment Program return to prison. Sex Offender treatment is part of a comprehensive effort to increase community safety as a whole. Sex offender treatment is a vital key component of its Reentry Initiative, which is designed to help offenders start receivig the treatments, education and job training they need in prison so that they return to society making choices that will help keep them out of prison

  • Criminal Behavior Of Sex Offenders

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    that will be discussed is sex offense. Sex offenders are individuals that have committed crimes involving any type of sexual assault, non-sexual contact, and sexual battery. Within these types of acts, there are many forms such as rape, pedophiles, child sexual abuse, sodomy, sexual abuse, prostitution, indecent exposure, and non-contact sexual offenses (“Sex Offender Law & Legal Definition,” 2001). According to Wikipedia (2015), although the majority of sex offenders have committed crimes of a

  • The Pros And Cons Of Sex Offenders

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    Why do sex offender’s receive less punishment for the hurt they cause to children and adults? In most cases there is very little jail time for sex offenders. And for many years, even in today’s society there has been a ongoing problem with sex offenders. According to the book Sentencing Sex Offenders “The U.S.Supreme Court said it bluntly in 2002: “Sex Offender’s are a serious threat in this nation” (Hudson Jr 10). You hear of a child getting kidnaped, raped and even killed by sex offenders. This

  • Sex Offender Monitoring System Essay

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    Parole division will monitor sex offenders using the following policy. The goal of this policy will help improvise the system administration of sex offenders in the State of California owning sex offenders liable for the damage created by sexual abuse crimes with the conclusive objective of spotting potential harm to victims. In this structure to provide best of class safety to the community, offenders shall be closely monitored and comply with these restrictions. The offender shall be restraining to

  • The Pros And Cons Of Sex Offender Genometry

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    The Utah Sex Offender Registry has many purposes and has been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, every state is different and often times the entertainment industry portrays the registry in a false light. The Utah Department of Corrections wants to deflate some of the major myths surrounding the sex offender registry. The most common myth the sex offender registry office receives daily is, “An offender was on the registry yesterday, why are they not on there now?” “As many people believe

  • Sex Offenders And Non-Sex Offenders Similarities

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    understand the behavior of sex offenders in order to create an effective prevention and treatment services. Young sex offenders and non-sex offenders have many psychological similarities. One of the similarities is anxiety. Another psychological similarity is attention problems. Sex offenders and non-sex offenders also have psychological similarities in poor relationships with their peers and families. It was also discovered that young sex offenders and non sex offenders have poor academic performances(

  • Female Sex Offenders

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    Sex Offenders Sex offense is one of the most common and frightening crimes that often catch our attention due to its harshness and high level of publicity in today’s society. Whether it is men, women, or children, almost everyday we turn on our news channels and hear stories about someone being sexually assaulted. Sex offenses can range from minor incidents such as sending explicit messages or photos over media, to major incidents such as rape. No sex offender shares the exact pattern as another

  • Preventing Sex Offenders

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    Stories of sex offenders have been progressively the main focus by the criminal justice system over the previous years. By lawful definition, a sex offender "is a person who is convicted of a sexual offense (Sex Offender Law and Legal Definition)," a demonstration which is forbidden by the jurisdiction. What constitutes as a sex offense or regular/irregular sexual conduct differs among time and place, implying that it also depends on jurisdiction and culture. In the United States, a man can be sentenced

  • Sex Offender Registries

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    has a strict law, which protects our citizens from predators; sex offender registries are exemplifications. In the article “Protect Yourself, Family From Sex Offenders,” Rick Schneider argues that sex offender’s name should not be taken off even after they had served their time. Many can argue that registries are a good way for the government authorities to keep track, and to protect the community from any violence caused by sex offenders. For example, many people may believe the registry protects

  • Sympathy For Sex Offenders

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    Society doesn 't talk about the feelings of the registered sex offender because once you are considered such, there isn 't much sympathy for these but there are individuals who views sexual assault differently. For example, including to an anonymous blogger Emily, she expresses herself very openly about her thoughts about sex offenders. She states that she feels much sympathy for sex offenders especially ones who are exposed on social media because she read the comments where people are wishing death

  • Sex Offender Recidivism

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    Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registries: Do They Reduce Recidivism? Sex offenders are commonly viewed as the worst of the worst in regards to criminal offenders. Their heinous actions instill a sense of fear among the victim and society at large. Following an offender’s release, regardless of their crime, there is a high likelihood that the offender will recidivate if they are not successfully integrated back into society. Specifically, it is often assumed that sex offenders are highly likely